Meet the SF Etsy Leadership Team

The SF Etsy Street Team has the good fortune to have a talented group of dedicated leaders who guide the team and help it run smoothly! Read on for details about a few of the folks who make up the SF Etsy Leadership Team.

Hello from The SF Etsy Leadership Team!
From left to right: Lisa, Imelda, Deb (in front), Steph (in back), Rebecca, Even and Chelsea (in back), Marja (in front), Liz, Gretchen, Jen, Betsey, Charlotte. Not pictured: Katy, Amanda, Jenn, Dionne, and Daisy.

Two co-captains and sixteen team leaders work together in the SF Etsy Leadership Team, with each person focusing on a particular area of team activity. We always welcome short-term and ongoing help from our members!

Rebecca Saylor of OodleBaDoodle  & Even Howard of Nadene are the current Co-Captains of SF Etsy. Together they continue to support our peer-to-peer learning and team opportunities. Our past team captains have included Jen Johnson and Katy Atchison.
Rebecca & Even  Photo by J. Astra Brinkmann Pillow by Rebecca

Rebecca Saylor lead our team in her role as Community Coordinator before becoming Team Co-Captain at the beginning of 2014. She creates wonderful partnerships between SF Etsy and local creative and entrepreneurial organizations like FabMo, Rickshaw Bagworks, and Not for Sale. As Co-Captain, she is expanding her focus to include member education and mentorship.  She guides our Community Involvement Committee, Meet-up Committee, and Education and Professional Development Committee.
Rebecca Saylor, Co-Captain of SF Etsy Photo by J. Astra Brinkmann

Even Howard Co-Captains alongside Rebecca. Prior to becoming Co-Captain in 2013, she served as leader of the Education and Professional Development Committee. She hosted our team's "Holiday Boot Camp" series for focused shop and business improvement and continues to facilitate our team booth participation in large fairs such as SF Bazaar. As Co-Captain, Even helps out our Social Media Committee, Blog Committee, and Membership Committee. 
Even, Co-Captain of SF Etsy, Photo by J. Astra Brinkmann

Do you follow @SFEtsy on Twitter? Then you've already met Lisa of Tickle and Smash! She's leader of our Social Media Committee. She has hosted our popular flash sales and Instagram contests and is always promoting and sharing your work with the help of her devoted committee members Amanda and Marja. 
 Lisa, SF Etsy Team Leader -- Social Media Coordinator

Jen (the Mama in Mama's Magic Studio) has been a member of SF Etsy since soon after opening her Etsy shop in 2006. She was previously the SF Etsy Captain, and she now helps run the team blog. She also volunteers as a local SF Etsy leader in the South Bay, hosting monthly meet-ups. Learn more about Jen at her SF Etsy Friday Feature interview.  
Jen, SF Etsy former Captain and current Team Blog Coordinator and South Bay Local Leader

Here's Katy Atchison--she's a former Co-Captain and current Art Director for our Graphics Committee. We can thank Katy for the inception of several fun events like Crafty Computer Night and PicKnit. She also is Creative Consultant for many of our community partners including the Museum of Craft and Design where she helps bring in instructors for monthly Etsy Nights (every second Thursday of the month). Katy has recently developed Pop-up opportunities for our members and also helps with selling opportunities like the Bold Italic's Love/Make Wedding Expo.
Katy, SF Etsy Graphics Committee Leader

Steph of SinceSass posts our Blog series "Tuestorials." Each Tuesday, she shares member projects and her own to the creative delight of our readers. She also helps out with team selling events like the SF Etsy Pop Up at SF Bazaar and our upcoming Meet and Make booth with ARCH at Patchwork Festival.
Steph, author of Tuestorials and Workshop Leader
Photo by J. Astra Brinkmann

Imelda of SunsetShutterbug has hosted our monthly Business Meet-Ups in her role as Education and Professional Development Committee Leader for several years now! She also photographs many of our team events and shares via our blog and Facebook.
Imelda, Education Committee Leader and Photographer
Photo by J. Astra Brinkmann

Gretchen of CraftBrewlry is our Graphic Designer. She creates many of our Instagram logos and Facebook banners and supports our team projects via visual design. 
Gretchen, our Graphic Designer
Photo by J. Astra Brinkmann

Deb of Bluehour Studio leads our Meet-Up Committee and hosts many of our Friday Fieldtrips where team members plan an inspirational or creative outing.  She hosts our official monthly meet-up in the Mission neighborhood of SF.
Deb Styer, our Meet-Up Hostess
Photo by J. Astra Brinkmann

Marja of Glass Elements is our Pinterest Manager within the Social Media Committee. She has recently joined us from Seattle and fosters our team presence on Pinterest through our many team boards and coordinating guest pinners.
Marja, our Pinterest Manager
Photo by J. Astra Brinkmann

Liz manages her two shops: Threads by Ionyka and Ionkya and keeps our Calendar updated with awesome opportunities and team events. She's an active part of our South Bay group too!
Liz, Calendar Coordinator
Photo by J. Astra Brinkmann

Together Betsey and Charlotte of B~Spired lead up our Community Involvement Committee. They help foster member connections with our non-profit and for-profit community partners to create selling, and creative opportunities for our membership.
Betsey and Charlotte, Community Outreach Co-Leaders
Photo by J. Astra Brinkmann
SF Etsy would like to thank all the team leaders who volunteer their time, talent, and energy to help Etsy sellers in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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