Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Feature -- Linda Donohue

This week's featured Etsy artist is Linda Donohue. It's always fun to explore new shops, of course, but it can be especially entertaining when my kids get into it as well. My daughter BB was peeking over my shoulder while I was checking out Linda's shop for this post, and she was enthralled. She seems to be entering into a horse phase (today she wore her "I Heart Horses" shirt to gym class) and she was quite impressed by the fact that Linda's shop is full of horses. Beautiful horses! I especially liked this one, with its vibrant and unusual color choices:

This one was BB's favorite (because, you know, it's pink!):

Enjoy the interview!

1. Please tell us about the items in your Etsy shop. What do you make? How did you learn your craft? What is involved in your creative process?

I paint with acrylics on canvas. I love painting horses and to keep it interesting contrast that with abstract expressionist art.

I have ridden and painted all my life and love the lines of the horse. The abstracts are a way to escape and feel free to put what I want on the canvas without following any rules.

2. Tell us two (or more) other interesting things about you.

I am a juggler with two young children, dogs, cats, fish a horse and we'd like to get some chickens. I have a garden. I am an insomniac at times. I run my family's furniture business, designing and selling products we make in the Philippines. I used to travel an insane amount but when the economy slowed I put that extra time into my art career. My family is my priority.

3. Which one song describes your life the best? Why?

The William Tell Overture (Lone Ranger Theme) runs through my head as I run around juggling everything that needs to be done.

3. If you had to be an animal for one week, which animal would you choose to be? And what would you do?

A bird... I still have dreams of flying and think it would be so cool.

4. Tell us about your first sale ever?

It was my first horse painting sold to a woman on the East Coast. I charged $350 for a huge painting and the shipping was $40. The shipping ended up being $180 and my supplies cost was too high. The customer was happy and I learned to compute pricing more accurately.

5. Give us some insight on how you personally, or your shop, gives back to your community.

I hold fundraisers for COTS shelter organization in Sonoma County and for ALS Golden West Chapter (ALS event was on Sept. 18th)

6. Where else can we find out more about you and/or your creations?

Here's my website:
Most of my work is in the Shawna Stoney Showroom in San Francisco 390 Kansas Street @ 17th St.

Speaking of the Shawna Stoney Showroom -- I'm delighted to announce that Linda will be hosting our next SF Etsy Team Show at the Shawna Stoney Showroom on November 11th! (Thanks again, Linda!)

Look for more details soon. And if you're an SF Etsy member, you still have time to apply for the show; applications are due by October 11th. Check out the team Google group for details about how to apply!

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Jen from Mama's Magic Studio about joining SFEtsy!

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