Sunday, July 6, 2008

SFetsy in Action at the Handcrafters Fair

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FitsYourFancy said...

Cool! I'm going to try to stop buy and bring a friend.

bylee design said...

What a fantastic poster!

little green said...

HI Crafters!
I just wanted to let you know of a cool event I'm producing in Santa Rosa, CA. It's the Great Hand-Car Regatta and Exposition of Mechanical and Artistic Wonders. We will be having a mid-size Steam Trunk Craft Show and still have a few openings for local crafters who would like to come and sell their fine wares.
Please take a look at our web site and down loadable applications.

Hope some of you can make it!!!

kim* said...

i love this blog, i need to join a team that has a blog haha

have a happy yard sale!

FruitJooce said...

Hey there! I'm moving to Oakland next month to transfer to Patten University.. I currently live near Placerville. Anyway I just opened my shop and I heard about Etsy Teams.. I know nothing about teams but was wondering what was required to join this one! I'd love to learn more about teams :) thanks!

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