Saturday, November 22, 2008

Last Minuet Event Sign up - ONLY $25 a booth

If you are looking to get in to another show before Christmas here's a cheap one to consider that looks like a lot of fun. Only $25 per booth!

Announcing...the first annual Pear Harbor Day Holiday Tupperware, Local Art, Crafts, Jewelry and Gifts Shopping Extravaganza*!

When: Sunday, December 7th, 1pm to 5pm (set up at 12pm)
Where: The Cottage Table Company Showroom, 69 Bluxome Street, San Francisco, California 94107
What: Tupperware! Gifts! Art! Hospitality! Music**! Booze***!

Are you someone who would like to sell their unique holiday gifts at the Extravaganza? Do you know someone who might be? Nothing is too unique for this show!

Exhibitor Info:
What you get:
-space to display and sell your wares
-100% of the profits!
-a huge crowd!!
What you give:
-$25 sliding scale buy in to help pay for refreshments
-someone (possibly you!) to man your booth and take people's money :)
-help getting the word out...I'll send out fliers and an email, just forward and post! The more salons/boutiques/coffee shops/etc where it is posted, the bigger the crowd and the more money we all make!

This event is sponsored by the Tupperware Sisters ( and the Cottage Table Company (

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