Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Featured Shop - Bemi Designs

This weeks featured shop offers up some amazing paper products. In this shop you will find a plethora of cards, prints, tags, stickers, labels, and more.

Check out my Q&A with Christie from Bemi Deisgns:

1. Tell us about your product and where you get your inspiration.
I create letterpress goods (cards, envelopes, tags, calendars, etc) which I print most of at the San Francisco Center for the book (, a great place to learn about printing and book arts. I'm always working on new and different types of things to print so hopefully my store will continue to be diverse in what I offer.
I find inspiration from nature with a mix of typography that is influenced from my graphic design background.

2. How did you get involved with etsy?
I started an etsy shop back in 2005, which I still have going, but I now only sell craft supplies on that site ( Since then, I took a little break, and got back into it about a year and a half about with this site. I love that it's easy to add items and the infrastructure is there so I don't have to create my own site, but focus on creating things I love.

3. Do you sell your work in any bay area stores?
Nope, not in any area stores yet, but hopefully soon:)

4. When you're not creating what are you doing?
When I'm not creating I'm usually working as a graphic designer or working on my blog (which isn't quite up at) at I also really enjoy reading, and I'm currently trying to get through a book each week, with me luck!


tilaturtle said...

How does one become a featured shop on your blog? My friend and I have a tshirt business


*christie* said...

You first have to be a member of our team of sellers who live in the Bay Area, and we'd love you to join. Go to, and scroll down, we are the second team listed.

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