Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Feature -- Handwerks

This week's featured Etsy artist at Mama's Magic Studio is SFEtsy member Handwerks. Her yarns are absolutely gorgeous! It's hard to pick a favorite from her shop, but this one especially caught my eye -- Superwash Merino Sock Yarn in yummy blues and purples.

Reminds me of a beautiful summer sunset over the ocean. Soooo pretty!

Enjoy the interview!

1. Please tell us about the items in your Etsy shop. What do you make? How did you learn your craft? What is involved in your creative process?

I specialize in artisan yarns. I use high quality base yarns that I have knit tested and dye them in unique colorways inspired by the California landscape. I use professional grade dyes and am careful about both the environment and my finished products. I have been a knitter for 40+ years and a dyer for 20 years. I love the creative process and I also spin, weave and knit on antique circular sock machines. From time to time I have socks and sock scarves for sale on etsy. I am also happy to knit socks from any of my hand dyed sock yarns for custom orders depending on demand.

2. How did you get involved with Etsy?

I started an etsy shop just a few months ago after a friend suggested it. My etsy site compliments my main website and allows me to offer limited edition one of a kind items.

3. What inspires your creations?

I draw on my training in the sciences and teaching to observe the colors and details around me and transfer those to my arts. I love looking at the way the land changes over the course of the year, each season has a unique quality. We live in a very special part of the country that offers a lot of variety. I love the Lake Tahoe area but I also find a great deal of inspiration along the coast and in the sea life.

4. What is your biggest challenge related to your Etsy shop?

The two biggest challenges related to my etsy shop are 1-marketing/getting the word out and 2- learning all about all the inner workings of the etsy venue.

5. What is your favorite item inyour shop? Why is it your favorite?

I love my yarn! This is going to sound narcissistic but sometimes I like a yarn so much I don't want to sell it! I am currently in love with a yarn named "dawn" in my store. Its just one of my favorite colors and I only dyed one skein of it. Its a rich red violet with gold and bronze tones washed over it.

6. What advice do you have for other folks selling or buying on Etsy?

I guess I would advise others to give etsy a try and tell all their friends, relatives, and co workers about it! Pass the word>

7.Tell us two (or more) other interesting things about you.

Hmmmmmmm - other interesting things about me- I wrote a small booklet about how to knit on antique circular sock machines. It is listed for sale on ebay (horrors - is that like Treason??I started selling it there before I had an etsy shop!) I also love to hike and often take photographs of things that I want to use for color inspiration later. I spend some time every year in the hiking in the Sierras.

8. Where else can we find out more about you and/or your creations?

I have a website at

I recently started a blog

I'm on Ravelry as

I'm also on Facebook as "Handwerks" but I very rarely say anything there. My kids on are Facebook so I try not to lurk there too much!

The only other thing I'd like to say is that "Handwerks" is my business name and that is what I have registered as a home-based business. However, later when I started my online site, my domain name ended up being Handwerkstextiles because that is what was available! If I had to do this all over again I would have had a crystal ball and checked domain names before registering my buisness! I didn't know initially I would set up shop online. I hope that is not too confusing to everyone!

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