Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year! New Pillows from Muddipuppy!

Happy 2010, all! We are hoping that the New Year helps bring some new life to the SFEtsy team blog. We've been trying to get it going again, and we'd love to hear your news! If it's something that would be of interest to other SFEtsy team members, or to folks in the Bay Area who are interested in arts & crafts & handmade, let us know!

Here's some exciting news: SFEtsy team member Muddipuppy says, "I've gone fabric crazy and have started making these crazy, fun pillows!"

You can check out more of these neat Puffy Pillows in her shop!

And if you have news you'd like to post at the blog, feel free to convo Jen at mamasmagicstudio. Happy New Year!


Angelina Fong Designs said...

Happy New Year to the entire SF Etsy team!

Love the fun patterns and vibrant colors of Muddipuppy's pillows!

Just a Puppy in the Mud said...

Thanks Angelina!

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