Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February Birthdays (and one January)

I made my mom a cake for her birthday.
Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.
It was my second attempt at making it from "scratch".
It was so delicious! Happy Birthday Mama!

It comes once a year and once a year you either look forward to it, or you pretend like it never happens. Either way, the day of your birth is a big deal...especially if you're a member of the sf etsy team. Why you ask? Well, it just so happens that sf estyians are pretty amazing crafters, artists and people. Once a month I'll share the b-days of members of the sf etsy team, some fashionistic facts and some of the items from their favorites. It will be like a mini b-day party and everyone is invited!

We're going to give a shout out to January birthdays, first.
Jan. 7th was Kendra's, from Kendra Renee, birthday!

As a Capricorn your fashion chart for 2010 gives you the opportunity to add some stunning fashion items to your wardrobe, now. The underlying theme of power and authority and status that will be in evidence throughout the year will make your fashion shopping trips a real delight. The Moon in your opposite sign of Cancer means you can try out some daring contrasts – a silver lace shawl tied around a black silk evening dress – that will work for you this year, more than in any other.

Need to get KendraRenee a belated gift, or a Capricorn yourself? Treat yourself! Here are some perfect gifts from her favorites!

Peacock Headband

Match these accessories with a form fitting pant or skirt, with high slits, and show off those Capricorn legs! Stay away from synthetic fabrics, beads and fringe.


February holds a special place in my heart. Not only is it my mom's birthday, but it's my own! But before I talk about me, let's find out who else shares this special month!

February 15th was Christina from Leaf and Tendril
Asymmetrical Necklace. Sweet.

Aquarians love the unconventional, the bizarre, the different and even the shocking and this is true of their personal style in clothes as well as their approach to life. It will be quite a challenge for your sign, this year, to create this effect from the somewhat sombre tones of black, grey, brown, and deep reds that are predominantly around. Team up these colours with silvery fabrics in ways that show you do things differently and you will achieve the look you want – or, at least, enough of it to keep you satisfied until 2011!

February 16th was Nicole, from gocco*boom's Birthday!
Thursday 11:47am

A belated gift for the Capricorns can be found here, from Christina's and Nicole's favorites:

Hot Pink Pleats and Crimson Bag

Fiber Art Freeform Reef Necklace

Water bearers are fashion mavericks. They are the first to wear a three piece suit with combat boots (and maybe the necklace above?). Asymmetrical cuts appeal to their offbeat sensibilities. Keep shopping at those vintage stores and keep your fashion real with classic styles, but remember to keep the spandex and vinyl to a minimum.

You will love the soft romantic lightweight fabrics in creams, whites and silvery tones against geometric black patterns that will be available throughout this year. There should be some stunning evening wear on the High Street fashion rails that will spark your imagination. End summer will be particularly successful for you, when there should be many bargains to be had in exactly the items you want!

February 21st is Lori, from Lori Delisle birthday!
Abundance of Heart

Another February 21st Birthday is Alicia from, Stardust.

February 26th is Diana's Birthday, from Fits Your Fancy.
Shaerazade Necklace

Last, but not least....ME!
February 28th is Helene, from Divine Orchid Creations Birthday!
Heartfelt Tee

Pisces love the color blue and have an array of shoes (hidden under the bed, behind the door..). The female Pisces tend to love dresses and will pick flowy chiffon or soft silk, rather than heavy fabrics. In honor of my 30th birthday, the birthday picks below are from our favorites and have us ready for a night celebrating us!

Light Mocha
Skirt/Dress Asymmetrical

Happy, Happy Birthday to all the February Birthday! May your year be full of prosperity, health and happiness.

Till next month!


Jen said...

Great post!!! I always love peeking at people's favorites. Many happy returns of the day to all of y'all!

Leaf and Tendril said...

Wow - this is great! I love the format and agree with Jen, it's fun to see what people's favorites are. Happy belated Birthday to Kendra and Happy Birthday to all of us Februarians!

Angelina Fong Designs said...

All absolutely beautiful favorites! Wow, I'm so in love with that peacock clutch!

Violets new Vintage said...

Wonderful post and a great idea!

Kendra said...

What a fabulous post! Thanks so much for the birthday shout out :)

Hero Boom said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Love the post!

LoriDelisle said...

I missed this one! Thanks for the Birthday wishes! :)

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