Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Savvy Entrepreneur

My desk is the cleanest it has ever been. Packing can do that to a home office. I only left out the essentials and stuff that wouldn't fit in the box. Wow...did I really need all those things on my desk?! I now have room to work! hahah. Yes, we are moving. I am surrounded by boxes and piles. We're excited to be moving and look forward to our new adventure in our new apartment!

Believe it or not, this is a clean desk!

Since moving involves more than just packing, we have decided to temporarily shut down our etsy site (thanks Jen @ Mama's Magic Studio, for the idea!). The etsy site may be closed but the marketing hustle never stops! My blackberry is my very own virtual marketing assistant. Although, one day I'd love to have an iPhone, which I think would be far superior (since I also work on an apple computer).

I am always finding ways to maximize my time and profits. I get better at it every day I try something different. I've, for sure, failed more than a couple times, but each time that happens I re-evaluate what I'm doing and why. And Carlos is always there to bounce ideas off of. That's one of the many reasons we make a great team. He is the ultimate savvy entrepreneur! He has done his passion full time, and is able to make things happen. But nothing is without it's obsticles.

As entrepreneurs, we must be able to handle the storms that may come our way. So it's not just about being savvy, but being emotionally capable of handling some serious stress. It's no easy task! One of the many beautiful things about owning your own business is the personal growth that comes with running a successful business.

This is my girl, Eternia. I did a photo documentary on women in hip hop and she was one of my subjects. She is a savvy entrepreneur! She is an emcee, from Canada, rocking NYC. I met her 3 or 4 years ago. She was working her booty off making her dream a reality (working full time and doing her music hustle). Being an emcee is not an easy task, then being female on top of that, can make it seem impossible. But she never gave up, she trusted her faith in God and her ability to rock the mic, and she is now a signed artist. I want to give it up to her, because she is a beautiful person, inside and out, and deserves all the blessings that has come her way. Never give up!

Love ya, girl!

I'm begining to really enjoy reality TV. Many of the newer shows have some really great tips for life! The one I am thinking of, is on MTV, World's Strictest Parents. Great show. One thing that all the family's had in common (the strict parents) is that they were successful business owners. They were able to keep a tight ship at work and in the home. Our business' are like our children. They must be handled with care, and on a schedule. Our business' won't wait around for us to flourish, we must feed it the nutrients it needs to grow successful. But, we have it much easier than before. With the internet age, we have so much access to free marketing, it's amazing! We have Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, utube, craigslist...the list goes on and on! I have been hesitant in engaging in any of them. But once I got into it, I realized how resourceful it is! Whether I'm connecting with new interesting people, to having new clients, the internet age has created a new way to interact with others...from the privacy of our homes! It has enabled mom's the freedom to work from home, and be with their children! Which, is one of my reasons for wanting my own business. Having your own business is a freedom that not many have the discipline for. Everyone is capable, but not everyone has the ganas to do so.

I am proud of myself for the commitment I have shown to myself! I get to wake up everyday drink coffee in my pjs, while working away at the business I help start and/or run, then I get to teach kids art. All the while living, laughing and loving the person who I've dreamed about for years, by my side.


Jen said...

Very inspirational! Glad my idea seemed a good one -- my shop was closed about twice as long as I'd hoped, but it was SO nice not to have the stress of worrying about not being able to find/fill an order b/c everything was in boxes. Totally agree that being able to handle stress & being emotionally capable is an important part of being successful -- which is why I was happy to have cut down on my stress during the move, LOL! Good luck with the new place!

Violets new Vintage said...

Great post and good luck with the new place!

Eleanor said...

Great inspiring post!

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