Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Savvy Entrepreneur

Wharf Moon, Santa Cruz, CA.
One of my favorite places is West Cliff in Santa Cruz.
On this night the moon was the closest it's been to the earth.
It happens every 100 years or so.

Last night we went to a Precita Eyes Fundraiser to support the Youth Art Festival this summer. Our folks work/run the organization, and we do what we can to support them and the organization, just like they support us. It's so important to have a strong support system. Without people around to spark the dynamic of encouragement and creativity, running a business successfully can be a challenge.

Savvy entrepreneurs find opportunities everywhere. At the event last night, our very creative spunky friend performed. I didn't know what to expect, but she got up on stage and (pause to clean up some puppy pee) started beat-boxing, then looped it with some melodic words, and the started freestyling! I was blown away! A couple songs later, she sang about empowering women. I thought to myself, I would love her to write a song for Divine Orchid.

An emcee friend, A1, wrote a song for the men's line, Reyes Muertos (Dead Kings). A1 is someone we met through our folks from Precita Eyes. His raps and beats make you want to bob your head and hear it again! So when we heard the song he made for Reyes Muertos, it got played again, and again! (I'm listening to it now, "...ya'll are not prepared for the rise of the dead kings...".)

We have our first Fall/Winter line coming out soon, so we're in the stages of putting everything together. Our fashion show would be crackin' if we had some live performances! Which would be enhanced only by songs by some dope artists about us and what we represent.

Reyes Muertos (Dead Kings) freshly printed tee

You should always to be looking for opportunities that your friends and family bring. Be positive about what you can create together (and don't get discourage if the entrepreneur drive is not found in people you believe in, but surround yourself with people that can meet or exceed your entrepreneurial drive).

Our friends that we collaborate with have become more than just friends, but our extended family. We can trust their integrity, wisdom, drive and all around good nature. Being with them helps make us better people.

Till next week, remember to live simply, so others may simply live.


Out of Order said...

oh so cool!
I like in santa cruz, though I spend more time taking in the sights of seacliff and aptos ;]

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Very beautiful post! If/when that song gets written, I'd love to hear it!

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