Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Etsy Meet Up Tonight! And MOCFA Craft Bar Info

Have you heard about the Craft Bar at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art? (If you're a regular reader here at the SF Etsy blog, then you have!) This fabulous crafting party is usually held on a monthly basis, and SF Etsy team members have reported that it is a grand time. The April CB had 290 people attend! Wow!

For more information about the Craft Bar, check out this write-up at

There won't be a Craft Bar in May because they are busy installing their current exhibit, but here's a heads up that the June Craft Bar will be something truly special. More info on that coming soon. For now, mark your calendars for a June 3rd SF Etsy Team Meet Up at the MOCFA Craft Bar!

Speaking of Meet Ups, we at the SF Etsy team are very much looking forward to tonight's get- together in San Francisco! Thanks to for hosting the event. More info here -- hope to see you there!

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Jen from Mama's Magic Studio about joining SFEtsy!

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