Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Savvy Entrepreneur

From my photo documentary on Women in Hip Hop, Eternia at her video shoot in Toronto, Canada.

Last Friday, the school I teach at had their first annual race (2 miles). It was broken down by grade level (5-7) and the sexes raced against each other. The teachers raced against each other as well. I didn't really think about it. The day before the race I realized that I would have to run two miles, their would be no way out of it. I woke up the day of, did a nice yoga session and pumped myself up! One of the core values of the school is "ganas". In English it means to show desire, to do something enthusiastically. We are often telling our students "Show ganas". In all of our classrooms, we have posters that say "Show ganas in everything you do". I reflected back on that, and when it came the teachers turn to run, I run the 8 laps, even though it's been, easily, a year since I ran. I watched many of my students, some overweight and many struggling, do the best they could. Since I am a woman of my word, I tried just as hard as they did. I placed 5th (men and women weren't separated competitors). The teachers who would have placed after me, didn't finish all their laps. I did and did it proud. My co-workers voted to give me the "ganas" award (which they also gave to students in each grade). I was surprised and honored. I was so surprised, I didn't even realize they called my name.

The student winners of the race!

My "ganas" doesn't just show up in my school life, but like I tell my students, in everything I do. I am an entrepreneur, which is almost the essence of having "ganas". Everyday we have to push ourselves harder than the day before, taking risks, and putting ourselves out there to make our dreams a reality. Integrity, ganas and compassion are my mantras for life and business. Without the desire to push forward, the truth in your words and the understanding of others, where would we all be? Business to me is not just about making that dollar, but putting a positive stamp on the world through our business venture. What are you trying to say with your business? Where does the drive come from?

Divine Orchid's tag-line is "Fashion for Empowerment". We believe that fashion should empower the women who wear our clothing. We want women to feel powerful, beautiful and strong when they wear Divine Orchid. In the community, we can be seen doing the work, spreading the love and being truthful to our statements. When folks see Divine Orchid, I want them to not only think of our wearable art, but know that we love our community and it's reflected in our clothing and actions.

Our Morning Sun blouse! Hand sewn by the Zapatistas from Chiapas, Mexico, and hand printed and detailed, by Divine Orchid.

I use the clothing line (the men's line as well, Reyes Muertos), as incentives in my classes. Students who get about an 80% in my class are put into a raffle to win the current t-shirt designs. Not only does it excite them, but I get a chance to talk about entrepreneurship and what the clothing lines mean. I am constantly talking about art and have it being purposeful. I ask the question, "what are you trying to say?". I always relate those questions to myself when I'm creating. My messages have always been clear, love, strength, compassion and ganas!

I love trees. Santa Cruz County.

Till next week, show ganas in everything you do and pray for mother earth.
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Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

I think this might be my favorite Savvy Entrepreneur post yet! Great story about the race and I love how you connected it to your business. Very inspirational! (And *gorgeous* blouse!!!) Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts and stories!

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