Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Savvy Entrepreneur

This is a character I do, Marilyn. This is the first time I've posted her anywhere. Shout out to the Dead Kings Collective!

Hello! Another week has gone by...and my posts have become later in the day. Hehe, I guess it happens when one is on summer vacation. Tomorrow is my last day. Then I start the 9-5 gig and my time will become a well managed machine! Well, that is the hope.

Time management is a tricky thing. You have to be able to follow a strict schedule AND go with the flow. When I first started to help out with the silk screening business, I had a full time job. I would come home from work, chill for a few and then do paperwork. Sometimes I would wake up early and send emails before work, and yes, sometimes at work I'd answer emails. I wanted to be on top of it, so I multi-tasked often. Mistakes were still made, and I had to learn how to ask for help and be truthful what I wanted to do and what I could do. I am a survivor, so I don't like asking for help, I have ( I mean, had, haha) pride and was used to taking on too much (thank you, Public Allies). I had to work on myself, before I could fully comprehend what I really had to do. Being down for the business' success means getting ready for next levels of your life. You're constantly building on self, while building a business.

Time is always of the essence. Following up with clients in a timely manner, taking chances at the right occasions, and being smart with time so you can have the luxuries of a self-employed person!

A mural that was done last year for 4th of July. My man did the Frida to the left. Precita Eyes.

Here's what I learned and have put into practice on my good days. haha.
1. Have set times to do specific things. ie: After work on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 7pm, I'll do New Edge paperwork.

2. Don't get distracted. I know it's a duh, but I remind myself all the time to get back on task. I don't ignore my non-distracted self.

3. Be consistent. Don't give up your schedule just because one day it doesn't work for you.

4. Customer service is #1! Happy clients = future sales.

5. Take your time in keeping good records. I can't stress enough how important this is. Create a system, be consistent and make sure it's functional for your life and business.

If you get stuck, or need help, ask a successful business owner! Small business owners love talking about their business'! Or you can check out the Board of Equalization, Small Business Administration, and SCORE (to name a few).

Yosemite. Nov. '09

Till next week, love thy neighbor.

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Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Such great tips! # 3 rings so true for me -- I have my good days and bad days, like anybody, and it can be hard to keep the schedule in mind when you wander away from it. But having structure is so helpful for me!

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