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Mignonette Craftsulting - Growing your business just got awesomer

Growing businesses have to start somewhere
[Photo by Steph Cortés]

Let's face it: micro business owners have it hard. There's a lot to learn in a little amount of time if we want to be successful. And who doesn't want to be successful when it comes to something we love to do?

As a micro business owner of a crafty variety, I've found it particularly challenging to be able to step back and take a look at the "Big Picture." There are so many small day-to-day issues that come up and make big, messy piles of "To-Do"s that I pretty much feel like I'm always behind somehow.

And then I wonder how come I don't have more Etsy sales.

For those of us that feel like we need a better handle on what a crafty micro-business needs to thrive & grow in this Handmade Movement, there is help!

Kpoene' Kofi-Bruce from Mignonette Crafsulting
[Photo courtesy of Kpoene' Kofi-Bruce]

Inevitably, every crafter hits a point in their business life where they have to step back and decide what is going to happen next – expand? Turn it into a hobby? Put it down entirely? Sell at stores? Create a website? What about a business license? And which craft fairs are worth it? Am I charging enough for my products?
For a lot of people, and certainly for me, this crossroads has always felt so large and scary that it is easier just to put down the knitting (or jewelry, or fabric, or soapmaking supplies), and go watch tv instead. The business will wait until tomorrow. Or next week.
The problem is that it won’t – and you owe it to yourself to make it work.
This is the point where you need someone to come in with clear eyes and take a long hard look at your business – is it viable? Sustainable? If not, what needs to happen to make it that way?
Wouldn’t it be nice to know that someone else was writing product descriptions or looking over your business plan while you concentrated on making stuff? Wouldn’t you love to know how much you can charge for your items? And how do you go about approaching buyers?

For the next 6 weeks Mignonette Consulting is offering services free of charge to the fabulous readers of the SF Etsy blog!
Sign up for a free “Craftsultation” and let’s talk about what you need to get your crafty business to the next step.

  • Free? Wait-What?
Yup. Free. But only for SF Etsy blog readers, and only through December 2010, so hurry up!
  • Why?
Because I love crafters, darn it. No, seriously. Enough to give them a 100% discount.
  • What Can I Get for the Low Price of Free?
Mignonette Consulting offers a thorough business workup for craft artists, including:
* Business Plan consultation
* Product Development Advice
* Line Sheets
* Blogging
* Product Descriptions
* Event and Newsletter Copy
* Merchandising and booth setup
* Approaching buyers
* Sourcing
* Identifying your market
* Are craft fairs right for your business?
* Getting your product ready to sell in stores
* Standing out on Etsy
* Working with interns
* Outsourcing
* Time management
* And more!
I understand how tough it can be to find the right name, right product line, even the right business, and I can offer individual attention, either online or in person, for your business.
  • Why Should I Listen to Your Free Advice? Who the Heck Is this Mignonette Girl?
My name is Kpoene’ Kofi-Bruce, and I’m the owner of Mignonette Designs and the co-Founder of GoGoCraft. You may have seen me running a project at Craft Bar or running around in circles at the Maker Faire or Renegade.
Since I opened my business in 2003 I’ve done craft fairs all over the country, sold in stores, signed numerous consignment contracts, debated wholesaling, had interns, taken custom orders, planned two Craft Congresses, and created logos, linesheets, Etsy pages, blogs, and websites until they were coming out of my ears. In 2004 I started the Ladies Independent Design League to meet other women business owners and start sharing ideas, resources, and concerns. As the former Buyer and Store Manager for the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, I’ve helped a lot of small crafters get their work into stores, pricing it competitively and making sure it is up to snuff for a retail environment. I can walk you start to finish through getting your product ready to put in stores, getting your booth or website properly merchandised, breaking into (or bypassing) the craft fair world, even getting publicity.
Running a small business is difficult, and it is often doubly so for artists trying to sell their work in a retail environment. If you are a crafter who is ready to take your business to the next level, or even if you just need help describing your products, Mignonette Consulting is here to help!
  • How Do I Take Advantage of This Service?
Send me an email at mignonetteconsulting@gmail.com with the subject line “SFEtsy” and let’s get started! And don’t worry if you’re not sure where to begin building the next step of your business – we’ll figure it out together!

Go Handmade!

As someone who has greatly benefited from Kpoene's expertise, I can personally attest to the awesomeness that nerd JERK has achieved based on a few wonderful insights giving by the fantastically inspirational lady! I never would have thought to raises my prices to reflect my worth, write out press releases and approach big time galleries to exhibit my soft sculpture pieces until someone told me that it would be exactly what I needed.

For something so valuable to come along for such a short amount of time, I would urge you to take the opportunity to get a "Craftsultation" as soon as possible! We've all gotta start somewhere - take the next step today!

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Jen from Mama's Magic Studio about joining SFEtsy!


Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

this is indeed awesome! awesomer than awesome! Big thanks to Kpoene' for offering her valuable services to SF Etsy members -- and thanks to Steph for introducing this to the team!

Gabriella Desings said...

That is great! I look forward to taking part in this wonderful offer!

lizard said...

Awesome. Can't wait to learn more about how to grow my business. Thanks for offering this

creativebeadz said...

Can't wait to get your professional feedback in order to grow my business!

Thank you for this fab offer

Aimee Diane Designs said...

What a generous woman! This is a great opportunity. Thanks for sharing this!

mvidibor said...

An incredible offer. I look forward to receiving good advice. Just please don't tell me to limit my work or sales to specific items. I'm a gemini and have very eclectic tastes and talents. I do it all and want to show and sell it all but I can't get business to find me. Thanks so much. Marlene

Andrea, Maria & James said...

Thank you so much! This is a lovely early holiday gift for myself. Hurray!!! Andrea from aVintage @ Etsy

Teresa said...

What a generous soul! How kind of you to share your knowledge free of charge! I look forward to your wisdom!

armsha said...

how incredibly generous-thank you

armsha said...

How incredibly generous
KiahDesign@ etsy

CaliQuilter said...

This is a wonderfully generous offer! I would love to have you as a mentor...count me in!

Adriana (ClayCatShop) said...

WOW! This is GREAT! Thank you so much!!! =)

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