Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year - Get Organized!

For this week's Inspired by Handmade article, I wanted to talk a bit about getting organized this new year!

We all did it, we all "let our studios" go a bit over the that it's a new year, we can get back on track and get organized!
For me, I look for baskets to organize new art supplies I was given over the holidays - or to keep my yarn from taking over a shelf in my small apartment.

Here's a few items made by SF Etsy Team members that might inspire you to take a look around your studio and get organized. I know it always helps me to get things in working order before tackling new art projects.

Main Image by boundbyhand

How do you get organized at the start of a new year?


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Scottish Lily Jewelry said...

Nice reminder!! I really need to get organized for the New Year... My beads and findings are taking over!
I like getting small containers that fit into a larger container, that way I can take my beads with me to craft shows and make some lovely rings for customers :)

lizard said...

I reward myself after I organize my beads. They often takeover, but it is super helpful when they are back in order!

Katy said...

I saw Kevin from Bug Under Glass did something similar with smaller boxes in a larger bin to organize his work for shows. Looked so nice because he could pack up really easily and also could store all of his work easily. I'm glad this has gotten a couple of us inspired!

heathered said...

I'm organizing tonight! My backup machine can no longer live at the foot of my bed... I'm giving away scraps of fabric I can no longer think of a use for. This should keep down the clutter for a while. Then putting my thread into clear boxes with their matching bobbins. All maps have been organized by country/continent and placed in labeled boxes under my bed.

Thanks for including my slim wallets, Katy- this post is going straight to FB!

hautechatter said...


the key to my entire jewelry biz is all about organization. thanks for doing this little piece, it's got be fired up to go back thru my thinkgs and see how i can reorganize for the new year- especially since my dad i have just signed a new contract with Harrah's and i know work is going to be fast and furious this year and my serious organization, both physical and in bookkeeping is going to be vital.

and pals keep me in mind for your play dates!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

awesome post -- love the treasury! Tomorrow is my New Year, New Studio Grand Re-Organization, and now I'm all inspired!

(Since my "studio" is really only a corner of the bedroom, one would think it would be easy to keep organized.... sigh!)

skeletaldropkick said...

since we just moved, I really need to get into the organisation. Thanks for the reminder :) and Heathered. somehow that little corner grows, doesn't it? My ceramics are now near my desk, on the kitchen counter and slowly spreading from the edges of my studio garage...

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