Monday, February 21, 2011

Mobile Snapp -- Apps for Your Etsy Shop

Those of you who have been around the SF Etsy team for a while may remember that I'm one of those folks who still use a "Stupidphone" -- my husband and I share an old, basic flip phone and use it almost exclusively for emergencies. (Or for those rare times we're out on a date and need to give the babysitter a way to contact us!) I've held an iPhone exactly once, for about three minutes. Yes, I have some gadget anxiety, and I'm definitely behind the curve when it comes to all this nifty 21st century technology. Smartphones, Square, Apps.... Mama confesses, it's all a little baffling to me!

So I find it amusing that I'm in the position to share some news with team members and Etsians: for a limited time, you can get a free App for your Etsy shop!

I met last week with Cindy from MobileSnapp, a start up that is working on ways to help Etsians tap more directly into the smartphone user customer demographic. Cindy was kind enough to walk me through all the details, and while I'm still a little fuzzy on the specifics I am excited to share this opportunity. Especially since, for now, it's free!

With MobileSnapp, you can set up a personalized App for your Etsy shop which your customers can download for free. It will bring them directly to your Etsy shop and let them buy right from their smartphone. It lets your shop show up on searches such as those in iTunes and publishes your App to the iTunes App Store or Google Market. And as I mentioned, for a limited time, you can choose either the Android or the iPhone version for free.

Now, as I understand it, folks can always get to your Etsy shop through their web access on their phone, going through Etsy, but the neat thing about the App is that it brings them only and directly to your shop and keeps them there (the options to leave your shop and search through Etsy as a whole is not available, since the search bar usually at the top of your Etsy shop is not part of the App). For your dedicated customers, it makes shopping at your storefront easy and lets them stay up to date with your latest products.

I asked Cindy to share a little blurb about her company, and here's what she has to say: "All Etsy Sellers can now create a mobile app for your own Etsy Shop through MobileSnapp. It’s quick, easy and cost-effective. With a one time $9.99 payment you can advertise yourself to millions of mobile app users, who can find you on iTunes or Android Marketplace and download your app for free. Study shows more engaged shoppers shop with apps, and you can take advantage of that today! Just go here and enter your Etsy Shop URL. You will see your shop as a mobile app instantaneously."

So what about that free part? Where's the catch?

MobileSnapp is still in Beta, and they are offering a limited number of free publications to either iTunes or Android Marketplace. If you wanted both, you'd have to pay the $9.99 fee for the other, and after the free ones are gone you'll have to pay $9.99 for either. Participating in the free option does mean that you'll give them your email, and they'll be asking you for feedback. Also be aware that it apparently takes a while to get the publication through, especially with iTunes, and note that you'll need Chrome or Safari browser to get the site to work.

If you have questions, Cindy from customer service was very helpful and willing to answer any questions or concerns. You can reach her here. And for more info, you can check out their blog, twitter, or Facebook.

Lastly, please note that MobileSnapp is not endorsed by SF Etsy, nor do I have any relationship with the company. Just sharing an opportunity that might be of interest!

And being so new to all of this, I'd love to hear what y'all think in the comments!

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Jen from Mama's Magic Studio about joining SFEtsy!


Even said...

I'm trying it out, working out some kinks. Will report back as soon as Cindy helps me get in. Jen, your 'here' link for their site has 'blogger' first so it's going to a "page not found." I assume you wanted to send us directly to the MobileSnapp site?

Thanks for sharing this, I think it sounds fun, I'd love to be able to put it on both platforms at once, maybe that will be a pay feature...

Claire said...

Oooh thanks for sharing, I'm testing it out now!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

thanks for the heads up, Even -- sorry for the bad link. Will fix that now! Glad folks found this interesting. Do keep us posted, everybody!

Mega said...

I tried to make an app and I even downloaded google chrome, but it never created the app. I don't know if I was doing something wrong, and then I'm not sure what happened today, but the link isn't working anymore. Did they use up all 200 free apps already?

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

UPDATE: I have been in contact with Cindy about this and apparently, unfortunately, Etsy has decided not to work further with Mobile Snapp on this project. Guess that's part of what Beta is all about -- looks like this won't be going forward after all.

Kante Luis said...

thank you

Kante Luis said...

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