Thursday, March 17, 2011

Marketing Your Art By Telling Your Story

In preparation for our upcoming workshop Shelly and I have been spending a lot of time talking about what branding means and how to define it for yourself. Our discussions have brought up some really interesting ways to approach one of the biggest questions a creative entrepreneur has to answer. So I thought I’d share a few thoughts to get your mind working and give you an idea of what our upcoming “Marketing Your Art By Telling Your Story” workshop will be like.

I used to think branding was just about logos and colors. While this is definitely a part of the mix, I now know that branding is also about an experience. So that’s one way to approach defining your brand. What sort of experience do you want your customer to have? Are you about luxury, convenience, or solving a problem?

Brand can also be about lifestyle. This is where knowing your target market comes in. Your messaging, packaging and interactions with the customers need to support their lifestyle. Are you targeting busy, working moms or active, outdoorsy college students? Not only are their needs different so is what they’re attracted to.

While creatives and artists are often very closely associated with their brands, creating a brand identity can also be about creating the best version of yourself. Your target market will often view this as the idealized version of who they want to be. Everything that you do surrounding your product or service can make them feel as though they are achieving that ideal.

There’s a lot to think about when creating a brand identity. Some of it is about external factors and perfect personas, but a lot of it is about your unique qualities and passions. By using what is uniquely your story you can stand out in the marketplace. In our workshop, “Marketing Your Art By Telling Your Story” we’ll help you find that unique story and show you how to use it to create a personalized marketing strategy.

Both Shelly and I will lead this 3-hour workshop and we’ve limited the attendance to 15 people so that everyone will get plenty of individual attention. You’ll gain a greater clarity on your brand identity as well as developing action items for a purposeful marketing strategy.

When: Thursday, March 24th 6-9pm
Where: a.Muse Gallery, 614 Alabama St.

Sign up now to be one of the lucky 15 people to attend this workshop!

I encourage comments directly to this post, but also feel free to email me directly with questions, reactions, struggles, etc.

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