Saturday, April 30, 2011

Give the Gift of Inspiration!

This being my birthday weekend and all... this week I wanted to just talk a little bit about some of our team members that "do it right" when it comes to providing items that are perfect for gifting.
While listing items today I did think to myself that there aren't enough products that are in my shop that scream "buy this for your friend's birthday!"
or Baby shower, or Mother's I tried to trailer some of my descriptions to talk about how the painting could be given as a gift.

Maybe you'll get inspired to get some (more) gift items into your shop....Here's some of what I personally look for when I'm shopping for someone's birthday or for a gift...

1.) Balloons!
Kinda a no brainer...but ya know...thought I'd point it out anyway.
A Balloon in a Birthday Gift or for a Nursery is a great way to add some whimsy to your artwork. This adorable print on canvas by muddipuppy is a great example of how a balloon in a piece of art could be perfect for really any occasion. I also love that this print has an elephant in it...elephants never forget a birthday.

2.) Customizable!
This adorable card by lepetitelefant is the PERFECT card to send to someone that is far away... you know that friend you had in college that you hardly ever get to see? This card would a great small gift to send to her/him as a reminder of how much your friendship means to them. Plus, the added bonus that you can customize this card to really show that you got this just for them.

3. DIY! Kits for people who want to to do it themselves.
Learning something new is always fun! What if you got a pattern or kit from Etsy and made the gift yourself?! I know I personally always love when a gift is handmade and someone put time and effort into the gift they give me. This baby blanket from TheEnchantedSquare is really beautiful and also perfect as a gift for really anyone! If you start now... you might be ready for Christmas. :)

4.) Don't forget the wrapping!
Think about including a gift box or bag with your jewelry or craft item! These Polka Dot Bags from gabriellelessard are a great idea. Not only would something like this be great to include with your item when you sell it...but including an item, like this one...that functions for more than one holiday (like a birthday, baby shower OR Mother's Day)... your customer will know that the box will be reused again and again.

Remember - if you take a photo WITH a gift box...or a bow around your item...people will also SEE a gift where they may not have thought about it being the perfect gift without the little hint. :-)

How do you market an item in your Etsy shop as the perfect gift?

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Jen from Mama's Magic Studio about joining SFEtsy!


Just a Puppy in the Mud said...

Wow! What a surprise to see my elephant pop up front and center. Thank you so much for featuring this piece of work. Lovely write up!

Gabrielle said...

Thank you for including my bags! They can be recycled as well as reused!

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