Thursday, December 1, 2011

Savvy Entrepreneur: You Can Judge A Gift By Its Box

We’re officially in December, which means the holiday shopping season is in full swing. Many of you have already had Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and the holiday show season officially starts this weekend. I seem to be getting a new invite everyday.

Many people will be seeing your products for the first time in the coming weeks, both online and in real life. They are shopping for someone they care about and have most likely chosen to shop handmade because they understand the care that goes into each piece, not to mention it feels good to support artisans.

Make sure that your care and attention to detail carries through to your packaging. Nothing is more disappointing than buying a beautiful pair of handmade earrings or a painstakingly crocheted hat only to walk away with it in a simple paper bag or receive it in a beat up padded mailer.

This is your chance to make it the truly amazing and special gift that it is. Take the time to wrap it in tissue paper that matches your shop colors. Seal the paper with a logo sticker or even a simple circle of accenting color. Use the right size box that is sturdy enough to not get banged up or crushed. Make the box unique by putting a stamp, bow, or even a personalized gift tag on the outside. Include two business cards, one with the receipt for the gift giver and one inside the box for the receiver.

During a show this can seem like a lot of work with someone standing and waiting for you and others quickly lining up to ask questions or make a purchase. But trust me when I say that if they can see the care you’re putting in, they’ll wait.

If you do most of your sales online include at least one shot of what your packaging looks like. It may be that one detail that makes someone choose you over a competitor. I know I’ve been swayed by thoughtful packaging.

Receiving and opening that box should be as much a treat as what is inside. It’s a sure way to make everyone feel special and for you to be remembered.

If your product or shop style doesn’t really work with a traditional gift box don’t be afraid to be creative with your packaging, just keep in mind that you are selling an experience. From beginning to end the experience should fit. The way you present your product, interact with your customers, and package the sale should be as special and memorable as the product itself.

I’d love to hear some of the unique details you already include in your packaging.

I encourage comments directly to this post, but also feel free to email me directly with questions, reactions, struggles, etc. genevieve [at] lightboxsf [dot] com

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Lilac Barries said...

I have a good stash of fabric so I make little bags out of pieces that are not big enough for anything else or I don't have ear marked for anything else.

I also like to wrap things in tissue paper and use bakers twine in a nice color.

Anonymous said...

A handmade gift bag is a great added value to your product. Love the idea!

rochelle said...

i sell sui generis jewelry in one shop and baked goods in another.

for my different lines of jewelry i have sewn felt envelopes in colors that match my cards, with a pointed flap and pinked edges that i hold together with a gigantic quilters safety pin. cuz i'm kinda like that, a bit of a contradiction. expensive, one-of-a-kind jewelry and a common safety pin.

when i gift wrap i tie a huge fluffy wonderfully rich textured ribbon around the envelope with the two cards, as you suggested. i also enclose a little lifetime guarantee for workmanship and a post paid card for them to send back to me with any thots they might have or want me to know about.

for my goodies i have great fun depending on the occasion, and i never, ever charge extra for the special touches.

with my jars of jam i tie them with seasonally colored textured ribbon and make a little fluffy bit on top, with a gift tag made from my biz card attached.

gift wrapping is really an extension of my philosophy of customer service, and i really enjoy making the gift wrapping as beautiful as what that someone special has chosen to put inside for them.

thanks for a lovely post!

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