Thursday, March 15, 2012

Got Links?

Linking it all together with amaniworks'
Silver, Blue & White Multichain Long Necklace - $25 USD

We're working on something new, and we need your help! We've created a new page here on the blog, dedicated to "Useful Links" suggested by you, the SF Etsy Street Team, and our blog readers.

For two weeks this month (Starting March 15, 2012) we encourage you to contribute. Please click the link below to preview the form online, then take some time to compile a list of suggestions, and submit the form before the deadline:

Deadline for our first round of submissions is April 1 2012.

(opens in a new browser window)

The Blog Team & Team Leaders will review your links, and post the final list in April. To keep the list fresh, we'll reach out for new links periodically in the future.

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Katy or Steph about joining SFEtsy!

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