Saturday, March 31, 2012

Treasury Team Presents: Tell your story!

This week we made treasuries around the theme of telling our stories~ stories of our journey on Etsy and imagined stories too.  Lisa of TickleAndSmash, Sarah of thebirdbags, and MosVintageCloset all participated. Thanks to everyone who participated, including sharing and viewing our treasuries!  Feel free to join in, our next theme is at the bottom of this post. With over 300 views, clicks, comments, and favorites, Sarah created our winning treasury!

Her Birdbags shop carries made in the bay handbags, clutches and accessories featuring lovely prints and coordinating trims.  I love how her work is sophisticated and easy at the same time!  One of my new favorites is this "Puffin" handbag-the pockets and details are so well thought out, it could definitely be a well-loved everyday bag.
"Puffin" Handbag by Sarah of thebirdbags on Etsy.
Don't forget that to be successful you have to keep creating! Sometimes I feel like a very small, faceless bird in a large, never ending sky..but I'll never stop flying, meeting new people, learning new things...& creatingEnjoy, Sarahsfetsy 
















This week's theme: Dream Holiday

~I'm thinking share your spring and summer travel ideas, near or far, real or imagined.  Think of landscapes, moods, solitude or companions, travel accessories, summer foods...

Participation is open to all!  Please remember to: 
  • include the items of at least 4 team members
  • mention our blog or facebook page address in your description, or comment if you need more space
  • tag your treasury with "sfetsy treasury team" so I (and other team members) can find you
  • share your treasury widely and invite featured sellers to do the same
  • tag your own items with "sfetsy" so that treasury makers can find you!
Questions?  email Even via Etsy or

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Katy or Steph about joining SFEtsy!

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