Saturday, March 24, 2012

Treasury Team Presents: What I Wore and Where

We had over 1000 views this week on our collective treasuries featuring SFEtsy team members within the theme of "What I Wore and Where."  Thanks to Sarah, Lisa, Martha, Katy, Fleur, Kathleen, AshleighMoria, and Maggie for adding their vision!

Our featured treasury with way over 300 clicks, views, comments and hearts is Martha of estudiomartita. (Congrats to Lisa for a close second!)  Her treasury also included exclusively items made by Bay Area artists in our team!  Martha's own shop carries jewelry and housewares inspired by an eclectic blend of Latino and pop-art cultures.  A favorite of mine is her "Frida in her Garden" necklace featuring a carving made by Artist Diana Gasper.
Frida in Her Garden, Necklace by Martha of estudiomartita

And her winning treasury:
'what I wore and where I went...another day at the studio...' by estudiomartita
A Day @ the Studio...Building: cement walled, old mayonnaise factory.Temperature: COLD.Tenants: bundled artists, drinking tea, visiting, working.Location: SF Mission Style: hipster chic, paint splattered shirts, pants, scarves, knit hats, aprons.

















This week's theme:  Tell Your Story 

~I'm thinking illustrate your creative journey, share a favorite fairy tale, tell the story of your future...  Here's an Etsy Blog post to inspire!

Participation is open to all!  Please remember to: 
  • include the items of at least 4 team members
  • mention our blog or facebook page address in your description, or comment if you need more space
  • tag your treasury with "sfetsy treasury team" so I (and other team members) can find you
  • share your treasury widely and invite featured sellers to do the same
  • tag your own items with "sfetsy" so that treasury makers can find you!
Questions?  email Even via Etsy or

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Katy or Steph about joining SFEtsy!


Lisa Spinella said...

Such a fun way to support the team!

Martha Rodriguez said...

Thanks so much. I had no idea!! I had such a good time putting this together. I was in awe of all the creative Treasuries related to this theme. Thanks and THANKS AGAIN!!


California Mermaid said...

Very cool!

California Mermaid said...

Very cool!

California Mermaid said...

Very cool!

Martha Rodriguez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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