Thursday, April 12, 2012

Savvy Entrepreneur: Recommended Reading

I’m a bit of an information junkie. I love to do research, gather articles and read books on whatever topic fascinates me. This trait comes in fairly handy for my clients. Not only does is provide me with a lot of information and various approaches for our coaching sessions I almost always have a book or blog article they should read to go more in depth.

So here’s a few I suggest often:

Written by brothers, this book is an exploration of what makes and idea sticky. Why would you want a sticky idea? These are the ideas that get passed around and retold, they’re the ideas that people clamor to find out more about, they’re the ideas that people emulate. The concepts are great to help you create taglines for your business, write press releases and marketing copy, and most of all to create a business brand that no one can forget.

Certainly not only for those trapped in a cubicle and longing to break free, but a great book for anyone just beginning to embark on the path of starting their own business. Pam Slim does a great job of balancing inspiring advice about finding your true passion with practical information on preparing to make the leap. If you’re running your Etsy shop as a side business, but long to take it full-time this is a must read.

Chris Guillebeau has started a bit of a movement with his book. He’s endearing, passionate, and inspiring. This book is for those of you longing to create a business that is about change or who have a vision of something unconventional. It’s more inspiration than practical knowledge, but it certainly sparks ideas and gives you new ways to think about what you’re doing. Even if you have no desire to travel the world for months on end there’s plenty to take away from Chris’ writing.

I haven’t actually read this one yet, it's waiting patiently on my bedside table. However I have been a fan of Jennifer’s approach for quite some time. I’ve also participated in both of her Right Brain Business Plan Video Summits. Jennifer breaks down writing a business plan for those of us afraid of numbers and bored to tears by market research. Her approach is about using your creativity to map out a plan for your business. The book is full of exercises that feel like craft projects and success stories that you can relate to. The best part is you'll have an actionable plan for how to make your business a success when you're done.

I’m always looking for new suggestions. What are some of your favorite business books?

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lorna said...

I'm going to read Imagine: How Creativity Works. Anyone want to join me?

Just a technical note. When posts don't have a post-y title, they get tweeted by twitterfeed as just a link. A title is nice because it follows the post around on the interwebs. Thanks for the great article as always!

Anonymous said...

I have heard great things about Imagine and have added it to my list. However I think it will take me a little bit to get around to it.

And yes, just realized I forgot to put a title in. A total oversight on my part. Now fixed.

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