Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Savvy Entrepreneur: Does Your Business Sustain You?

At Lightbox SF we believe a sustainable business is one that supports the life you want to live and is a joy for you to work in. This refers to how much money you need the business to make, what you end up doing each day, who you’re working with, and how much time it demands. Both Shelly and I believe there should be plenty of room for friends, family and yourself. Your business should not control your life; you should control your business.

Can you imagine what that looks like? To decide how many hours you work and still make the amount of money you want. To spend the bulk of your time doing the things you love and have those tasks of pure drudgery handled by someone else. It’s hard to picture isn’t it?

Most of us don’t work in sustainable businesses. We spend more time than we want to, perform tasks we abhor, and often don’t even make the money that we should. Why?

I believe it’s because our perception is off. We may think that we have to work really hard for things that are worth it. We believe we aren’t worth what we really want to charge. We believe that no one else can do things right or we can’t afford to hire the ones who can. I’m guilty of these same thoughts.

This is why when we start a client off thinking about branding we get them to focus on their strengths and passions. They often look at us a little funny and question how turning all their attention on themselves will help them build a better brand. It’s not so much about focusing on yourself as it is building a business that allows you to use all your best qualities and put them out there in a way that customers can’t help but be drawn to.

People like to support those who are passionate and excel at what they do. Take the time to set yourself up to be in this position. If you go to work each day in a business you don’t believe in or don’t enjoy, your customers can tell. You might still do a great job, but if someone else comes along with more passion and energy you’ve lost them as customer.

Let your passion and strength shine by building a business that supports the best in you and allows you to have the life you always dreamed of. 

Genevieve not only writes The Savvy Entrepreneur she is the Co-Founder of Lightbox SF where she empowers creatives to take over the world. Check out the blog or how to work with her.

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