Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuestorial: With Amazepack! Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

Welcome to Amazepack HQ!
A few weeks ago, I was catching up on my Twitter feed and came across a retweet congratulating a new local business called Amazepack. The name drew me in and after clicking through to their website, I discovered they are a monthly service that delivers a complete DIY craft project to your door. All supplies are included. You just open, make it and enjoy it!

I loved it and wanted to learn more from the founder, Kristine Holst. She graciously opened her house to host a craft party for myself and SF Etsy Co-Captain Katy Atchison featuring November's Amazepack. As the following photos will show, we had a great time and I’m excited to share with you what this business is all about!

Meet Kristine Holst, founder of Amazepack. Also, she made that painting in the background. Serious crafter here.
Included in November’s Amazepack (materials needed):
  • Two mason jars
  • Two soap dispenser lids with pumps
  • Three glass paint colors: turquoise, yellow and pink (along with a simple mixing guide)
  • Paint thinner
  • Paintbrush
  • Mixing cup
  • Butcher paper
  • Bonus: recipe on how to make your own liquid soap to fill dispenser with!
Inside November's Amazepack...with mini dino!
Step 1:

First, check out the tiny dinosaur that comes with your craft supplies. Name it, and enjoy it forever! Then wipe off your mason jar to remove any dust or dirt that may have collected during shipping.

I loved that all details are well thought-out. The kraft paper that wraps your craft supplies? Use it to line your work surface to protect from paint leaks. The containers the paint comes in? After using the paint, wash and reuse. The empty lid container? Use it to mix different colors or mix with paint thinner. Kristine is all about reusing materials and packaging.

Every shipment also includes at least enough materials to make two complete projects. This is a service you can look forward to sharing with your friends each month and could easily turn it into a craft party. Just add wine!
Kristine and Katy taking over the table with painting and wine!
Step 2:

Lay out all your supplies. Pick a color or follow the simple mixing guide to make one you like. Use can use the paint thinner depending on how thick you want the paint. For a bolder color, I started with a background color with no paint thinner. I also used the other end of my paint brush to add dots once my background color was dry (about 15 minutes). Use what’s included in the box or what you have in your craft stash like sponges, masking tape or the simply the texture that is already on the jars (a “quilted” design) to make your design your own.

While letting my paint dry and thinking of my design, I asked Kristine how Amazepack came about. She said she was always interested in crafting, taking classes and learning new skills. Like most people who work and live busy lives, she never got around to making all the craft ideas she had or hunting down all the materials needed to complete them. While looking for a new job, her boyfriend, Ty White, asked her what she would love to be doing, if she could do anything. She knew she wanted to run her own business and crafts would be apart of it. Ty, basically the best boyfriend ever, designed a website for her while Kristine got the business plan together. Hence Amazepack was born, with T-Rex as their main sidekick.

Dots added, paint mixed, mess made!
Step 3:

Once your design is done, let your mason jar dry for 24 hours than bake the jar to set the paint (baking also makes it dishwasher safe). Put your jar in a cool oven and set oven to 375 degrees. After 40 minutes, turn the oven off, but leave the jar inside. Once the oven is cool again, remove jar.

Pump, pump it real good!
Step 4:

Attach pump and screw on with lid. Fill with soap and use!

Kristine is excited about the future Amazepack. She researching hosting craft party events using Amazepacks and possibly opening an Etsy store selling their kits or completed projects.

Amazepack loves to share and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (user name: Amazepack) or Pinterest. Kristine loves to see the fun ideas that come out of the Amazepack supplies and it offers inspiration to other Amazepack members too!

Group photo!


Interested in Amazepack and want to win November’s craft box? Just follow the two steps below to enter! Contest ends November 6th at midnight (Pacific time) and the winner will be announced November 7th.

#1: Leave a comment here sharing what craft project you have on your “to-do” list, but just haven’t had time to complete. 

#2: Like Amazepack on Facebook.

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Katy or Steph about joining SFEtsy!


Fits Your Fancy said...

This is really a cool idea. I have a monthly subscription with Nature Box that delivers a box of healthy snacks each month for $19.95. A craft box would make it easier to create, saving you the time of shopping for supplies. I've been putting off making a pearl drop necklace and updating my photos in my Etsy shop. Since retiring, my time seems to get away with internet social websites and taxing grandkids to and from school and activities.

Katy said...

Thank you AMAZEPACKS for being so amazing and showing us a great time!

For our members: this is a great idea to be inspired by someone else in our awesome community and support your local small business as well.
The screen print their own boxes event and are just really really lovely people. The price point is right on, too considering most projects will have enough for 2 peeps to play together....or one for you and one as a gift.
THANKS again Amazepacks and Steph and I are looking forward to supporting what you got goin' on as we see your business grow.

Lisa Spinella said...

I love it! Guaranteed fun! I have wanted to make shrinkydink buttons forever !

Unknown said...
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Adam Chang said...

Way to promote sustainability, AMAZEPACKS! On my list of things-to-do -- I would love to learn how to setup the wiring to turn an old vase into a lamp! I hear it's simple enough?

BiolArtist said...

I have a sewing project I've been trying to complete--does that count? I have all the materials for a steampunk/goth jacket in stretch corduroy with reproduction Art Nouveau buttons and reflective silver piping.

Urban said...

This is so much fun! Great idea. :) My project that I just haven't found time to complete is creating a bunch of hand-bound, reclaimed paper journals & notebooks. I took a class a few months ago, started cutting the paper, and just never found time to put them all together! Holiday gift time perhaps...

Astrid said...

Hooray for a chance to win!!
Liked you on FB!
Okay, I have a zillion craft projects and ideas lined up, but the one staring me in the face each day is learning how to spin on my Great Grandmothers spinning wheel that I inherited this past summer.
It's at the top of the queue- there's just so much to do!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Oh, this is fantastic!!! What a great idea, Amazepacks! I'm excited to learn about your business.

My life often feels like one big list of yet-to-complete craft projects :-) Right now, high on that list is to work with precious metal clay!

evenhoward said...

Hmm, mastering some vegan marshmallows is pretty high on the list. I've been wanting to make a fun advent calendar project (bunting?) for leading to christmas. Shibori table linens...

April said...

LOVE this idea!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I need to make a winter bucket list with my boys. I have also been meaning to make a new holiday wreath.

SinceSass said...

Thank you everyone for your entries! The contest has now ended and we have a winner...congrats to Astrid! I will announce this on the SF Etsy goggle group and Twitter. Astrid, I will connect with you to get you hooked up with your prize!

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