Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuestorial: Candy Turkeys

A few days before Thanksgiving in 2nd grade, my teacher set out a bag of Oreos, assorted candy, frosting and plates for a craft project. An abidance of joy and excitement filled the room of seven-year-olds. We get to play with sugary treats today? What could it be? And when can we eat it?

After learning how to make this crafty treat, I made it for my family Thanksgiving gatherings almost every year since. It’s very kid-friendly and easy to assemble. The best part is, after it’s done with its use as a decoration or a placeholder, you get to it eat it. Happy Thanksgiving!

Place ingredients in a muffin tin for organized fun!
Materials Needed:
  •        Oreos
  •        Chocolate frosting
  •        Milk Duds
  •        Candy corn
  •        Red Hots or any candy shaped as small red dots (I used small licorice pieces)
  •        Small knife (for applying frosting)
  •        Plate or platter to display on
  •        Glass of milk to enjoy with "broken" Oreos and candy that is not suitable for craft 
Perfect Oreo needed

Step 1:

Unscrewed an Oreo so only one side has all the cream. Use chocolate frosting as “glue” to piece sides of the Oreo together. Insert non-cream side on corner of the cream side.

Turkey body ready!
Step 2:

Apply frosting to one Milk Dud and place between Oreo pieces. This will be the turkey body and make it more stable.

Feather fun
Step 3:

Apply chocolate frosting to non-cream side of Oreo. Place candy corn along edges to create the turkey tail feathers.  
Turkeys and placeholders, oh my!
Step 4:

Use your small red candy of choice as the turkey eyes and/or wattle, and apply to Milk Dud body. From here, you can stop to admire your little turkey or continue to add details of your choice. Cupcake sprinkles, tube icing or applying more chocolate frosting to the body to create volume can all be done to make your project the centerpiece!

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Katy said...

oh man! This reminds me of my Aunt Nancy. She and I made these one year at Thanksgiving and it makes me miss her. Thank you so much for bringing back some good memories for me.

SinceSass said...

Welcome, and glad you enjoyed it!

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