Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Feature - Cauliflower Kids

Happy Friday, Folks!

Oh. My. Cute!
I've now found myself wishing I could shrink down to about 3 feet tall so I can run around in the absolutely adorable children's wear over at cauliflowerkids! Take Kate Spade, Anthropologie, and baby couture, and sprinkle it with a bucket of rainbows. That'll give you a taste of what Kasey's cooking up for the kiddos over there. Or just check it out for yourself after learning about the inspiration and motivation behind each stich in every garment. Enjoy!

1. What is your shop name and URL? 
Cauliflower Kids

2. To which Etsy Teams do you belong?
I belong to SFetsy, and HandmadeClothesForChildren 

3. Please tell us about the items in your Etsy shop. What do you make? How did you learn your craft? What is involved in your creative process?
I make on trend clothing for girls ages 2-8. I became interested in sewing at the age of 7 and started lessons at age 10. I honed my craft in college at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. My creative process usually (but not always) begins with a color, has a whole lot of scribbly lines and sleepless nights in the middle, and ends with a garment (hopefully). 

4. Tell us two (or more) other interesting things about you. 
one:I lived in Paris, France for several years after college. Two: I have one 3 year old niece (my model) and one 1 year old nephew but no actual children of my own (yet). Three: I am lepidopteraphobic which means I am afraid of butterflies (it's a real thing guys) Four: I love honey, pinterest, and parenthesis. 

5. What inspires your creations?
For Cauliflower Kids my niece is really my biggest inspiration (I guess that's why I named it after her, my little choufleur). I'm inspired by the way she moves, the way she plays, the things she says, her creativity, but mostly her ever changing dreams and aspirations (one day she wants to be a ballerina, the next a pirate, and the day after that all she wants out of life is to jump in ALL the puddles) 

6. What is your favorite item in your shop? Why is it your favorite?
I am absolutely in LOVE with the Petal Peplum Top. It's so very versatile, it can be worn as a shirt (frontwards) or a vest (backwards) and even over a simple teeshirt and leggings looks oh so chic. 

7. If you had a gift certificate to Etsy for any one item you wanted, what would you buy? 
I have been lusting after this for SO LONG!! my dream worktable:

8. What has been your biggest success and/or proudest moment since opening your Etsy shop?
I have been so lucky to have many proud and shining moments in CF kids' short history, but I think being featured in Babiekins Magazine this holiday season left a smile on my face for a full month! 

9. What advice do you have for other folks selling or buying on Etsy?
As a seller, comparison is your worst enemy. Don't get me wrong, you DO need to research and know your competition, your demographic and your price point, but you also need to BE YOURSELF.  Also a good rule of thumb for design is that if you wouldn't wear it yourself, don't make it (children's clothing included!) 

10. Where else can we find out more about you and/or your creations?

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Our Team Captain about joining SFEtsy!


Blooms And Bugs said...

Very nice interview and very cool clothing. You had me at the feather crown!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

oh, such great clothing! I agree with Blooms and Bugs that the feather crown was fantastic! Thanks for the interview!

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