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New Leader of the Community Involvement Committee

2013 is going to be a fantastic year for SF Etsy. 
We're so lucky to have a leadership team full of passionate and creative individuals that really strive to help all of us connect to our community through events and marketing. Last year, we were fortunate enough to bring in a new member, Rebecca Saylor. She was so passionate about SF Etsy and our community that she organized a special FabMo distribution for us as well as the Design Contest with Rickshaw Bagworks

Even and I are happy to announce that Rebecca will be our new leader in charge of the
Community Involvement Committee! I sat down with her and asked her some questions about her, her shop, her passions and her new committee!

Meet Rebecca - your new SF Etsy Leader!
 Tell us a little bit about yourself! What do you make & what is your Etsy Shop name?
I'm Rebecca Saylor, owner of OodleBaDoodle, a whimsical line of one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly creations that I design and make in my San Francisco studio. I'm proud to use reclaimed, high-end designer textiles and my sewing skills to create fanciful pillows and plush animals with wondrous stories to tell.
What's your favorite product you've made so far?
I’ve made a few custom owls for my Dad and they were super fun to design and bring to life. One was a police owl with aviator sun glasses and the second one was actually a set of Cincinnati Reds owls (that’s baseball for you non-sports fans). 

Rebecca's favorite piece she's done recently
Inspiration is key in continuing to create work: where do you find inspiration?
Inspiration is everywhere; in this creative city, my favorite tv shows, magazines, talking to others and seeing their wonderful style. It’s a matter of trying to filter out what will be exciting to my audience. It’s important to me to create things that people can get excited about - I love seeing the happiness in the faces of my customers when they find that one unique piece that will complete their room.

When did you get involved in SF Etsy? How did you hear about the team?
I was introduced to SF Etsy at a panel led by Jen Johnson of Mama's Magic Studio. The event was held at the old Museum of Craft and Folk Art. I had just moved to SF and the SF Etsy team seemed like the perfect way to meet other creative people and find ways to grow my little business. It took me a little while to actually go to the in-person meet ups. If any of you are hesitating, I can definitely relate. Get out there, you won’t regret it! :)

How do you see the new Community Involvement Committee working with local businesses and non-profits?
Thank goodness for us, San Francisco does not have a shortage of non profits and community minded businesses. This is a perfect match for this type of committee. Each relationship we build will be unique but at the heart of it will be growing awareness of local makers and the community as well as growing opportunities for our team members. I'm most excited about helping to build the confidence of our team members and our community and increasing opportunities for everyone to grow awareness for their businesses.

What kind of events are you planning this year for SF Etsy?
Building on the success of our last one, we are planning another special San Francisco FabMo selection event. We will also be working with SinceSass on a community craft swap, and hope to work towards planning a fundraiser for a local charity. (Among other fun things to be determined by the committee members - so sign up by emailing Rebecca below)

You went from corporate 9-5 to opening your own business in 2012. What's the best advice you ever got when you started out on your own:
My husband gives the best small business advice and he tells me to never give up. Owning your own business is not the easy road, but it sure is rewarding! Everyday is like a lesson in figuring out your own strengths and weaknesses. Just when you think you’ve figured it out, you get thrown a curve ball. I really love the sense of responsibility I have in creating and growing something of my very own.

What has SF Etsy done for you while transitioning into your creative life?
Like many of you, I love having a network of like minded people to ask questions to when they come up. I’m a total lurker on the Google group. Your advice, as a team, has answered so many questions I’ve had along the way and you probably don’t even know it! I have made some wonderful friendships because of this team and I am so thankful that we all have each other to connect with online and off.

You can really get a sense of her creative branding here at Rebecca's booth!

What is your life like now being your own boss?
I’m not a fun boss to work for - haha - I am very demanding and a perfectionist so I push myself way harder than any of my previous bosses. However, being your own boss definitely has it’s perks. A couple of weeks ago I made a last minute trip to go visit my dad and aunt in Arizona. That could have never happened when I worked in the corporate world. It feels really good to build something from the ground up. I like making the design decisions and if something doesn’t work out, I know exactly who to talk to about it ;)

If someone wants to join in on your committee and help out... how would they get a hold of you?
I’m so so so excited about this committee and we can use every brain available to come up with plans and execute them so please consider joining us! We will probably be having a meeting here in the next month, so email me and I’ll make sure you get on the mailing list. Also look in the Google group for info I’ll be sharing there. I look forward to working with you! Email Rebecca if you want to join her new committee!

If you want to get involved in another committee, or you'd like to volunteer - please email Even or myself, Katy.

Rebecca's totally adorable stuffed koala she designed for the Zoo Event!

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Our Team Captain about joining SFEtsy!

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