Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuestorial: Flocking!

It sounds like a taboo word, but this fun technique just screams spring. Flocking is the process of depositing many small fiber particles (called flock) onto a surface with adhesive. It creates a “fuzzy” or velvet texture to use on cards, name placeholders or Easter baskets.

I basically keep Martha Stewart Crafts in business
Materials Needed:

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Flocking Transfer Kit 
(awesome deal here: http://craftysteals.com/shop/martha-stewart-crafts-flocking-transfer-kit/)

  • Flocking powder
  • Glue pen
  • Card stock
Transfer design selected
Glue pen and flocking color ready to go
Step 1:

Choose a pattern and color from the transfer kit or use your glue pen to design your own (in this example, someone’s name for a placeholder).

If you are new to this technique, I highly recommend starting with the transfer kit. Not only is it the least expensive option and comes with everything you need, but it’s much easier to use than the individual flocking colors. The only down side is you don’t have the freedom to create your own design (but it still comes with an awesome selection of designs!).

Rub, rub, rub
Viola! From flocking color sheet to your card stock
Step 2:
The transfer kit comes with a wooden stick to apply the pattern to the paper. The pattern has an adhesive backing you apply first. This will ensure all those bits of flocking really hold.

Glue pen writin'
Use a lot of flocking then shake it off!
If you are using your own design, pour your choice of flocking powder over the glue (be generous!). Then shake off the extra (like glitter!).

Ready to roll
Step 3:

Enjoy and use it for your Easter festivities!

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