Friday, April 19, 2013

The First Meet & Make at MCD

This month, we finally officially launched our Craft Lab partnership with Etsy & The Museum of Craft & Design. Following this last event, there will be monthly Meet & Makes at the museum every first Thursday of the month. This 21+ event allows people to come, make a craft, drink some beer and also see the wonderful exhibits on display at the museum all for only $10 per ticket.

Photo by Rebecca Saylor

Jen Johnson from Mama’s Magic Studio and the SF Etsy Team  demonstrated how to make a wrapped wire fish mobile to take home, drawing inspiration from the current exhibition on view. While you’re at the museum, be sure to see artist Arline Fisch’s installation Creatures from the Deep, featuring larger-than-life jellyfish woven from knitted and crocheted copper wire.

Here's some of the fun that was had:

Jen Johnson of Mama's Magic Studio (our teacher for the evening... Margaret - the Educational Consultant for @Museum of Craft and Design, myself & Even Howard (Co-Captains of @SFetsy).

There were so many people that they build another station. Photo by Rebecca Saylor

Over 160 people showed up and everyone had a great time! Photo by Rebecca Saylor.

Team Co-Captain Katy Atchison and her friend AnnMarie Snell - Co-Founder of The Handwork Shop

Photo taken by Paula Rincon

It was inspiring to see volunteers teaching students something new. Photo by Rebecca Saylor

photo taken by SF Etsy Lisa Spinella of Tickle and Smash

You can see so many team members in this photo taken by SF Etsy Lisa Spinella of Tickle and Smash

Look! Front right is Susan Leff of Made in The Haight. Photo taken by Paula Rincon
(all taken by SF Etsy Leader Rebecca Saylor)

Adult beverages provided by sponsor, Speakeasy Ales & Lagers.


So excited to announce officially that tickets are now on sale for the next Meet & Make at the Museum of Craft and Design for May 2nd

Etsy Meet & Make: Craft Lab at MCD
Make a Stamp and Print Some Cards!

Just in time for Mother's Day, join us at MCD to try your hand at an intro to printmaking! In this simple 20 minute activity, Niki Baker of foreignspell shows us how to make some beautiful hand made stationery or art. All supplies will be on hand so you can carve your own rubber stamp or, if sharp tools scare you, use some stamps pre-made by Niki to create fresh designs! Niki Baker, a SF native, works out of her tiny Glen Park, SF apartment creating hand made paper goods and art inspired primarily by song lyrics. Each stamp is hand illustrated, carved, inked and printed.

Admission is $10, or $5 if you're a Museum member, and includes supplies, instruction, and adult beverages. While you’re at the museum, find inspiration in Rebecca Hutchinson: Affinity, a porcelain paper-clay installation of leaf-like forms suggesting an unexpected forest.

Registration highly recommended; no walk-ins after 8 pm.
For 21 and over onlyMuseum Store open

We learned that it's best to get there early if you want to have first dibs on the project. Also! there were over 160 people there! It was a really fun event last time around when Mama's Magic Studio taught everyone and we hope to see you all there again!

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Our Team Captain about joining SFEtsy!


Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Such fun! I really enjoyed teaching the workshop! Big thanks to all the volunteers who came out to help support the event and congrats to the museum on hosting such a successful kick off to the program. Yay!

Frances Marin said...

Looks like it was so much fun! I wish I could have attended.

Katy said...

The next one is May 2nd and it's going to be a blast! Hope you can make it there!

Rami L said...

Looks real fun! I missed the one on May 2nd unfortunately but I wonder when is the next time.

Rami from MagicPay

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