Sunday, October 6, 2013

CraftoberGram Sunday Morning Mimosa

Good morning! 

Every Sunday morning, meet me here to check out the week's best performing #InstaSFEtsy October Instagram Contest submissions and marvel in their awesomeness! It's the perfect hangover cure...

Week 1:  October 1st thru October 4th

Day 1.  SFetsy WIP  

msamandajayne 28 likes
Thrifted and made 31 likes
Kacey Schwartz 27 likes
Even Howard 29 likes
acts of Craftiness 28 likes
One odd gerbil 37 likes

Day 2. Coffee Revelations  

Moch Studios 39 likes
Katy Atchison 25 likes
Lori Delisle Salt and light 31 likes
Foreignspell 29 likes
One odd gerbil 25 likes
Thriftedandmade 30 likes

Day 3. Selfie

Katy Atchison 30 likes
Acts of craftiness 30 likes
Thriftedandmade  22 likes
Birdbags 22 likes
Mayenedesign 24 likes
Ms amanda Jayne 23 likes
One odd gerbil 26 likes

Day 4. Tools of the Trade 

Kacey Schwartz illustration 22 likes
Making jiggy 21 likes
Thriftedandmade  31 likes
Acts of craftiness 30 likes
Katy Atchison 27 likes
Oh Abby day 17 likes
One odd gerbil 17 likes
Even Howard 17 likes
Philanthropic panda 16 likes

Check out our Pinterest for even more excitement! 
Keep those creative juices flowing. We're ecstatic about your high participation and the great amount of exposure you're all getting! Show us what else you've got! 

This week's schedule:

Day 6 Favorite thing
Day 7 Craft Activity
Day 8 In the kitchen
Day 9 Vintage Style
Day 10 BayArea Moment
Day 11 Up in the Sky

Check the post for hashtag suggestions! 

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Our Team Captain about joining SFEtsy!

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