Wednesday, November 6, 2013

InstaSFEtsy and the Craftobergram

#Halloween In The City - Day Thirty One
#Autumn - Day Fourteen
Kim Lucian Photography

The Craftobergram Instagram Photo Contest 
#FavoritePeople - Day Twenty Seven
Oh Abby Day 

WOW! 31 Days of InstaSFetsy!!!

I must say, chronicling the Craftobergram Instagram contest and watching the momentum build this past month was epic from the moment the first photo was uploaded. I was astonished watching the increasing visibility of the team as the photo contest evolved, starting from Day 1 - SFETSY WIP ( Work In Progress). As one of the contest monitors, and with each introduction to each post and description -  I developed a fondness for each of my team members, their works and soon began rooting for each of them - celebrating their brand.

#Autumn - Day Fourteen
Thrifted And Made
First Place Winner

Why A Contest? Well the short answer is: The SFetsy Team is an Inspiration. We are 1000+ Members of handmade, DIY, small business talent and we want everyone to know about your inevitable awesomeness. We thought why not do this using the tools we have - and Instagram and social media is our hammer! With 100+ million people using Instagram on their phones and tablets daily its pretty easy to engage with potential customers now. Instagram gave us a distinct and effective online presence and comradery and momentum soon emerged. 

#OOTD - Day Sixteen
Fleurette Seven - Glass Artist
#UpInTheSky - Day Eleven
One Odd Gerbil

#UrbanStyle - Day Twelve
Making Jiggy 

Team members that had not signed up for the contest and absolute strangers to our team even participated in the fun using our hashtag and theme to further extend their reach too! That's how we go viral!
SFEtsy featured through out the month the team’s photos and daily top pictures on the SFEtsy's Facebook wall, Instagram, Pinterest Board and Twitter account. All social media efforts were to spread the word about the individual team member and this crazy photo contest #Craftobergram that all these creative people from this great community are participating in.

#Monsters - Day Thirty
Entropy The Shop / Entropy Kitchen 
#Urbanite Day Twenty Three
#Coffee Revelations - Day Three
Lori Delisle Salt and Light Jewelry

#Chevron - Day Twenty
Poppy Peach Goodness
The frequency of these #InstaSFETSY uploads and updates created familiarity and momentum for the team members and the Instagram application. The contest then became it own visually branding, and a developing Instagram event began to spread wildly through the magic of the internet. We recapped weekly the top photos, gathered daily by MsAmandaJayne and Tickleandsmash, and posted the count on the SFETSY team Blog on the Sunday Morning Mimosa Recaps written by team members MsAmandaJayne and AshleyRenee Haak - both of whom contributed so much of themselves, time and enthusiasm to make this contest as amazing as it was.

#Landscape - Day Twenty One


After the first week, the SFEtsy Team's reach on the teams Facebook page was up 180 percent! Our last week we were up 226 percent! We realized quickly that our visual presence on Facebook gave a new and old audience an environment to browse the contest photos and futher promote the contest if they wanted. And people loved it. At the highest point we reached out to 12,529 people on our Facebook fan page in one day!

Philanthropic Panda
#WhereICreate Day Five
Philanthropic Panda

By the end of the contest the Craftobergram had over 12,500 photos posted on Instagram that were tagged #InstaSfetsy in the month of October and the hearts for the team were plentiful. That was an astounding amount of photos and we so appreciate everyone who stuck with the commitment and made this contest so much fun.

We reviewed the hearts on Instagram every day to decide the top photos. We combined those numbers together to find your winners.

katy atchison
#Inspiration - Day Twenty Six
Katy Atchison
Second Place Winner 

#Romance - Day Fifteen
 Nadene / Even Howard

Congratulations to Our Winners,Thrifted and Made and Katy Atchison Illustrations -   both clear inspirations and Instagram mentors for the SFEtsy Team.... And to all of you whom participated, even remotely, thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself to us and giving us some amazing insight into your brand and your life.

#Chevron - Day Twenty
Acts of Craftiness
#Circle - Day Twenty Eight
Kacey Schwartz Illustrations 
#Selfie - Day Three
Sunset Shutterbug

First Prize WInner is Thrifted And Made with a total count within the daily top photos of 405 hearts, plus was featured for 19 days in the months top photos.

First Place Prize  - 30" Square Gallery wrapped Gallery Wrapped Canvas  with one of your Instagram images from the contest OR Iphone Camera Cover with one of your Instagram images from the contest from Twenty 20.

Second Prize WInner is Katy Atchison with a total count within the daily top photos of 335 hearts and was featured for 15 days in the months top photos.

Second Place Prize - A 10 Pack 5" x 5"   Cards  with one of your Instagram images from the contest from Twenty 20.


Lisa Spinella said...

I really enjoyed getting to be a part of everyones day.. this past October.. Now that its November I kind of miss you!


Katy said...

HOLY YAY! I can't believe I got 2nd! I just tried to IG every day and I was so happy to have met more IG SFEtsians, too. Fun times!

Hilary said...

Thank you for making us dive in!! I feel a new connection with members I did not know and a stronger connections with members I already knew. It's a talented group! And who would have guessed I would actually meet one randomly through Craftobergram!

Megan said...

Thanks so much for organizing this! It was lots of fun and a great way to connect with other team members!

Marja / Glass Elements said...

This was my first introduction to the team, and it was fabulous! Loved getting to know the team thru Craftobergram. Looking forward to the next event...

MaeBee Jewelry said...

LOVED being a part of it and getting to know more teamies at least virtually. Congrats to the winners and thank you for organizing and promoting so successfully! Can't wait for the next one!

Graham Pearson said...

Congratulations to the winners!
Craftobergram was such a fun activity to be a part of!
Thank you to the leaders for organizing it and making it happen! I (entropy kitchen) had a lot of fun getting to see into the lives and activities of my fellow teammates!

Kate said...

WOW!! Thank you! How exciting!! I loved being a part of Craftobergram! So much fun. Thank you so much for making such a fun competition! It just fueled my Instaddiction :D and a great way to 'meet' the team!

Are we going to continue with the InstaSFEtsy hashtag to continue the momentum?

thank you again SFEtsy!

Lisa Spinella said...

We will use InstaSFEtsy again in the future but right now if you tag #SFETSY we see you and share!

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