Saturday, November 2, 2013

SF Etsy Needs You!

Our team has reached an awesome place~we have more opportunities than we can accept! Every week our leadership team receives requests for partnerships and we need your help to take advantage of potential marketing, selling, and community events offered to our sellers. 

To make it easy for you, I've organized our present volunteer opportunities below. We have online and out and about, team leadership and community connections, long terms and quick help options. You can reach out directly to the contacts listed for each position.
All of these positions qualify you for inclusion on the fabulous SF Etsy Leadership Team which include blog and priority linkbacks, fun leadership only events and opportunities, and the choice to grow or streamline your position in the company of great friends.  A steady hour per week helps tremendously! Our special events are planned around our volunteers' timelines so you can participate a little or a lot.
Many of these jobs can start in 2014 so if becoming more involved is one of your upcoming resolutions, reach out now and we'll set you up!  We look forward to unveiling an expanded leadership team in the New Year!

Online Only Positions:

These are great if you like checking in at least weekly and would like a commitment that fits in anytime, anywhere.

Graphic Designer
Any location, Longer Term
Contact: Katy Atchison
Katy often creates our posters and online images for our events and she would love to have help from a budding designer or an experienced designer in search of some quick work.  You could choose to create for specific events or partner with Katy on any projects. Please link to your existing work when you message Katy.

Treasurer Filled~Thank You!
Any location, Longer Term
Contact: Rebecca Saylor
While you're more than welcome to meet in person, most of this job can be done online in spare moments. Managing our paypal account income and expenses. Helping file our Etsy grants, and keeping track of our repeating event costs are all part of the job. Bonus if you are interested in helping us find an umbrella non-profit so we can move up in the world!

Pinterest Manager Filled~Thank You!
Any Location, Longer Term
Contact: Lisa Spinella
Pinterest lover? Our Social Media Team needs you! Lisa Spinella can help you get going, we've had guest pinners, shared boards, and special coverage during flash sales and events as well as just supporting our members on Pinterest. This is a fun position where you get to see the depth of our team's creativity and share it.  Weekly activity is a must, but on your own schedule.
SF Etsy on Pinterest

Any location, Longer Term
Contact: Even Howard
If you love organizing for improvement, we need you! This job is online only and can be done at your own pace. We use google drive for all kinds of things and would love to have an organized system of documents that relate to our various events. Familiarity with google drive is a must as well as interest in organizing and communicating well through mostly written word.

Calendar Keepers
Any location, Longer Term
Contact: Even Howard
This is a simple job: put up team events in two categories on our google calendar. We have events hosted by members and also ones where members are participating and we'd like to do a better job of sharing both. You'll receive calendar posts by email and add them in. You'll be part of the awesome Social Media Committee with Leader Lisa Spinella. If you like, this job can expand to posting Facebook event pages or other promotional powers. 

Google Groups Helper
Any location, Longer Terms
Contact: Even Howard
Work with our Membership Committee to simplify the use of our Google Group. We are looking to create a quarterly notice that includes tips on how to use the group so this could be a very laid back position.  If you would like more activity, we are considering a "This week in SF Etsy" post to summarize the not to be missed posts and events.  Experience with email (and bonus if you've ever looked at the menus of google groups) will help with this job.

Out and About Community Positions:

If you're pretty friendly and like making new professional connections, check out these jobs.

Bay Meadows and Flywheel Press 2014 Craft Show Producer
San Mateo, Longer Term
Contact: Jen Johnson for an Introduction.
As an ongoing or larger opportunity, Bay Meadows and Flywheel Press would like to partner for a curated craft show or similar event in 2014. SF Etsy members would serve as a primary contact for several months prior to the show.  Our Leadership team can support with templates for submissions, press, and timelines.

Bay Meadows and Flywheel Press Workshop Leader
San Mateo, Short Term
Contact: Jen Johnson for an Introduction.
Bay Meadows and Flywheel Press are currently running "Momdays" (crafty events with a mom/kid friendly angle) as well as First Fridays. Both feature local artists and they would love workshop leaders as one time presenters.

SF Meet and Make Leaders

Mostly San Francisco, Short Term and Long Term
Contact: Even Howard
We are often offered to host tables of "make and take" at local events and would love to form a cohort of super crafters to be called on in these cases.  We have many supplies already as well as experience to offer among existing volunteers. This idea just needs a leader to set up a list of who can offer what and be a contact for organizing. 
A few Haight Neighborhood members on craft night:
Susan Leff,  Lisa Spinella, Heather Lodgson, Arena Shawn, and Even Howard.
Your own ideas!
Contact: Even Howard
Remember the first Crafty Computer Night, Holiday Boot Camp, our huge Flash Sales, or our Rickshaw Bags Contest?  All these events and more were dreamed up for the first time by members just like you! Our most successful events and partnerships have been when SF Etsy members share what's important and local to them.  Have you always wanted to check out a museum in your area? Know a local manufacturer?  SF Etsy leadership is happy to help you kick off a new idea, let us know how we can help!

San Francisco Craft Show Producers
San Francisco, Long Term
Contact: Even Howard
We've great existing partnerships with venues like Urban Bazaar, Ruth's Table, SF Bazaar, Yelp, and more that can use leaders as well as event day volunteers.  You can serve as a committee leader for a specific event and we can help coordinate volunteer help for the days of the event itself. These positions usually offer back a free table for selling at the event. All these events have been done before so there are existing help and templates. We are open to new events as well.  Craft show experience is a must, if you want to start small, we can do that!
SF Etsy members Kelsey Holt, Ruth Tillman, and Imelda at SF Bazaar 2012

Internal SF Etsy Positions:

We do a lot in the company of each other to grow our business, host small events, and learn together. If you like interacting within a core team, this is a great place to be.

Neighborhood Meet-Up Leaders
All over, Long Term
Contact: Even Howard
You've probably heard about Imelda hosting the Business Group in her Outer Sunset neighborhood, or Deb Styer with 3rd Wednesdays in the Mission. Rebecca, Rochelle, Even, Katy, Adra, Eko and other team members have also hosted simple events in their homes from Crafty Computer Evenings to actual crafting, these are simple gatherings to meet close-by members and create any type of events you like. The main thing is to have fun and meet your neighbors!  Check out some of the linked events or create your own and let us know what neighborhood you represent. These groups often meet monthly on a regular date and you can certainly rotate responsibility for hosting among your group to make it extra easy. One of the easiest ways to start is invite your neighborhood members to go to a craft show or workshop.

SF Etsy Bloggers
All over and Online, Long Term
Contact: Ash Haak
Our Blog Team produces crafty tutorials, event promotions and reviews, shares personal stories, and much more.  Our Blog Team Leader, Ash, considers ongoing bloggers as well as one time articles. We also love to repost or excerpt stories and projects you've shared on your own blog.  Take advantage of being a Friday Feature as a first step!

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Our Team Captain about joining SFEtsy!

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