Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuestorial: Stamped Metal Jewelry

What does it take for a fun craft party? Booze and hammering. Plus: leaving with your own unique jewelry piece!

Materials Needed:
  • Metal jewelry piece (any size or type of metal you want. You can find this at any hobby supply store).
  • Metal Alphabet Letter Stamps (found at any hobby supply store).
  • Jewelry chain and hook
  • Hammer
  • Jewelry pliers 
  • Optional: black marker and rubbing alcohol 
Ladies taking over a garage
Step 1:

Decide what you would like to stamp on your metal piece. It helps to have a glass of wine to decide on your choice and before using a dangerous tool! It's best to stamp on a concrete block (shown above) and a metal block. Best not to destroy your floors! 

Post wine deep thinking
Step 2:

Avoid tears by making sure your word(s) fit on your metal jewelry piece before stamping. You can collect all the letters you want to stamp and line them up to measure. Sometimes you just gotta go for it though!

Hammer time (I'm saying it twice)
Step 3:

Hammer time (the only reason I wrote this post was to use this phrase)! Don't worry about it being perfect cause it's your first time and it's a handmade piece! 

Step 4:

You can either be done here and add your chain or you can add a technique to make the letters "pop". Take a permeant black marker and write over the letters. Use rubbing alcohol on a towel to wipe-off. The remaining marker will soak into the edges of the letters and make them bolder. 

Step 5:

Wear and enjoy! Your friends will be super jealous. 

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