Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day - SFEtsy Makers Use a Variety of Eco Friendly Materials to Produce Amazing Things

It's Earth Day! Our SFEtsy team is proud to have many wonderful makers that are creating responsibly using reclaimed, recycled and earth-freindly materials in some or all of their handmade goods.

Join me as we celebrate the SFEtsy Earth Conscious Makers of 2015!

Kyla O'Neill of Impressed by Nature
Beautiful Natural Botanical Jewelry

Dorothy Reinhardt of Dorothy Designs
Using Upcycled Materials and Buttons to Create Beautiful Floral Accessories

Bronwen Mauch Tireless Hearts Studio
Upcycled Jewelry and Accessories Made from Bike Inner Tubes

Yin Yin Wu Of LoveGem Studio 
Featuring Recycled Silver Jewelry

Heather Simoni of Heathered
Eco-Friendly Wallets and Accessories

Kati Jackson of Crow Woodcraft
Reclaimed Wood Jewelry and Buttons

Cheyenne Barr of Deconstruction Crafts
Sustainable Goods 

Ayse Kozaci Jewelry
Recycled Paintbrush Jewelry 

Sustainable Clothing for Women & Children

Basmati Bags
Bags Made from Upcycled Materials

Lisa Spinella of Tickle and Smash
Totes and Handbags Made from Upcycled Materials

Tawny Reynolds of Sundrop Jewelry
Jewelry Created from Recycled Glass with the Power of the Sun

Creek Van Houten of Compass Rose Design
Steampunk Upcycled and Found Object Jewelry & Accessories
Rebecca Saylor of OodleBaDoodle
Reclaimed Material Pillows that Make the World More Huggable

Jacob of .retool
Bags, Wallets and Accessories Made from Seatbelts

Trish Peach of PoppyPeach
Fashion Accessories Created from Repurposed Materials

Lizette De Arkos of LDay Shop
Upcycled Clothing and Home Decor

Laura and Julien Sheilds of Yes&Yes Designs
Jewelry and Accessories Made from Books

Jeannine Komush of Tangleweeds
Using Reclaimed Leather in Her "Leaf-Petal" Lariats and Earrings

Sarah Montes Friedman of BirdBags
Using Reclaimed Textiles to Make Stylish Bags and Accessory Cases

Lisa Jones of Miss Match 
Found Material Jewelry

Fleurette Sevin of Fleurette Artglass
Jewelry Made from Upcycled Glass and Bullet Casings

Alissa Anderson of Mitten Maker 
Upcycled Accessories

Recycled gold & silver jewelry making
Dana Trousil of Boii Studio
Reclaimed clay ceramics
Emily Oinen of Clever Hands
Reclaimed Rubber Journal Bandoliers 
Kathryn Hedges of Splendid Colors
Reclaimed Cardboard Holiday Steampunk Ornaments
Candice of Candid Art & Accessories
Upcycled and Found Object Jewelry
Tarabud Design
Repurposed leather Accessories

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, visit Our Team Page about joining SFEtsy!

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