Thursday, April 30, 2015

SFEtsy is now a proud Kiva Zip Trustee

We have some very, very exciting news to share with you today!
When Kiva Zip launched, they formed a partnership with Etsy that highlights the benefits of Kiva Zip for Etsy sellers and supporters of the handmade community. Read more about Etsy & Kiva on the Etsy Blog.
We are super proud and excited to announce that SFEtsy is now a Kiva Zip Trustee. Our first endorsement will be for Alana Rivera of Etta & Billie (Read Katy Atchinson's Studio Visit Post). Alana has slowly been building her bath & beauty business over the last several years and is now taking the big step of securing a micro-loan through Kiva Zip and the SFEtsy team is supporting her!

So what does being a Kiva Zip Trustee mean? It means that we have the opportunity to endorse our team members as they go through the Kiva Zip loan process. As a Trustee, we are providing our "stamp of approval" for team members on Kiva Zip and help through every step of the process. Read more about the SFEtsy Trusteeship here -
Kiva Zip loans don't utilize a bank for underwriting. They are funded through what is called "Character Lending". During the loan application process, Alana was never asked about her credit score or other typical questions that banks ask, rather she was asked to tap into her social network to help fund the first portion of her loan. 
I'd like to invite you to support Alana. If you wish to contribute to her campaign, you can loan her as little as $5. Not only will you be helping Alana grow her business, but you will enter the world of Kiva Zip where you can learn the stories of many small businesses, just like you, that are growing through the program. 
Read more about how Alana plans to use the money here -
If you've never lent money before in the Kiva Zip Program, here are a few simple steps to get you started:
(1) Click the following link:
(2) Select the amount you would like to lend in the panel on the right-hand side
(3) Click the orange "Lend Now" button
(4) Click the white "Register" button
(5) Enter your full name, email and desired password in the appropriate boxes. Check that you have read the Kiva Terms of Use
(6) Click the orange "Register" button
(7) You should be redirected back to your checkout basket. Confirm the amount and click "Checkout"
(8) Choose to "Pay with your PayPal account" or "Pay with a debit or credit card"
(9) Fill out your payment information and click the orange "Pay" at the bottom of the page

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, visit Our Team Page about joining SFEtsy!
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