Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Featured Shop - Halfmaid

Halfmaid's ( hats & headbands represent young hip San Francisco style beautifully. These wonderfully whimsy headpieces grabbed my attention and I knew I wanted to learn more about the creator behind them. Here is my q&a with the designer.

1. Tell us about your product and where you get your inspiration.

My inspiration comes from performance, old movies, street fashion, circus, flea markets and nature. I remember first seeing Buster Keaton movies and while I was blown away by him as an acrobat I was totally like, I have to have that hat! He wears a sort of squashed pork pie style hat ~ btw. So I am primarily making hats, from recycled materials. I hit up the flea markets and keep an eye out for sources of unwanted treasures to incorporate into my creations.

I started performing circus arts about 5 years ago and that really got me into the costume side of performing. When you are maybe only getting a couple hundred dollars for a performance you can't afford to just go out and buy everything brand new. It forces you to be resourceful, take some time and do things yourself. Sew some sequins on, turn granny's old slip into a pair of bloomers.

2. How did you get involved with etsy?
I finally got involved with etsy when the new york times wrote about it. I had been hearing about it from crafters and friends, and maybe browsed a bit too before I read the article. When the NY times writes on something I'm sort of into but not yet fully initiated in it's a big kick in the pants to see what the fuss is about. And here I am, part of the fuss.

3. Do you sell your work in any bay area stores?
I sell my hats and headbands at Pandora's Trunk in the Lower Haight. I'm working towards Bizarre Bazaar, crossing fingers I'll get in. My hats will also be on stage in a month for an opera called 'What They Seem,' which has been fun to work on. More pressure to create a specific look for a character, where as retail you can be more like "someone might like it, we'll see if it sells."

4. When you're not creating what are you doing?
Right now I am working full time at AcroSports teaching circus camp to kids in San Francisco. I perform trapeze and acrobatics occasionally. I like being outside, excercise, camping, learning to read tarot cards, listening to live music and dancing. I should also mention I'm starting a blog with some friends called I'll be posting fashionable articles and conducting interviews of my own ~ look out!


Dharma Designs said...

LOVE the hats! So chic! :-)

Jen said...

these hats are amazing! loved the interview.

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