Friday, August 22, 2008

August Team Meeting Review

Minuets: 7:10-8:45pm

This months team meeting was a great success. 11 of us showed up :
Paula of Paulaink
Taryn of tarylinetsy
Nadien of theseawithin
Diana of fitsyourfancy
Eleen of eleen
capella of fixedgeargal
mandy of small threads
Nicky of weesanfrancisco
Bess of birdvsbird
Chelsea of Bird Nerd
& Kendra of Brownies

We went over many topics including:
*Upcoming events, *stores who sell handmade items, *using credit cards at craft shows, *topics for the blog, *Team logo for members to put on there websites/blogs/business cards

We will be having a contest for the design of the team logo in the upcoming months .
I will be compiling a list of the upcoming events & stores that sell hand made items and listing them up soon.

Thanks to everyone who came out, it was a truly successful meeting.


hexkitten said...

Sorry I couldn't make it. Hope to come to one in the future!

fixedgeargal said...

That was tons of fun, and full of helpful information! I am still digesting all the tid bits. Thank you for hosting the event!

I still haven't popped yet, 10 more days to go, but he is measuring 7lbs. 10oz. already! Cheers!

none said...

oh i joined your group just a few days too late to go to the meeting. can't wait for the next one. will you add me to your blogroll?

Mandy aka Small Threads said...

It was a nice get together.
It was a whole lot of fun to put faces to some SFEtsy names.
Capella, woohoo! Good luck, he's gonna be a big boy!

TheresaJ said...

bummed that I missed the meeting. I need to check your blog more often. When is the next meeting and where?

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