Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Featured Shop - Kristapeel

This weeks feature Kristapeel is a cute little shop based out of San Francisco. KP's shop is filled with a wonderful mix of paintings, prints, & earrings all very modern in feel. One of the things I love about this shop is the ability to appeal to a lot of different types of people all while holding a common theme. You are bound to find something you are drawn to in this shop.
I got a chance to pick kp's brain with our featured shop questions:

1. Tell us about your product and where you get your inspiration.
I paint small, acrylic canvases of cityscapes and make small abstract pieces with colors and patterns that please me immensely.

I also make earrings because I adore beads and love the relaxing time of beading. I started a collection of beads, then began to make earrings. I began by making pairs for myself, and if i like a design, I make a pair to sell, too.

2. How did you get involved with etsy?
I found etsy in the back of a craft magazine and went to the website to shop. I realized what a marvelous idea it was, and have been a daily shopper ever since!

3. Do you sell your work in any bay area stores?
I have sold items at R.A.G. co-op in Hayes Valley and soon to have a show at the Rozanoff gallery of my miniatures -

4. When you're not creating what are you doing?
I work part time at the art museum and love a good camping trip or bocce match.


Fits Your Fancy said...

What a beautiful shop Kristapeel. I went to your other website...and was blown away by your beatiful artwork. My favorites are the watercolors.


wee san francisco said...

beautiful work...and your color sense is just amazing! i hope to see some of your pieces in person!

fixedgeargal said...

those earrings are HOT!!

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