Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Featured Shop - Adoration Soap

This weeks Featured Shop Adoration Soap has some of the most beautiful soaps I have ever seen. The perfect gift for your loved ones and especially yourself!

Check out my Q&A with the woman behind this lovely shop:

1. Tell us about your product and where you get your inspiration.
I like to make soaps that are beautiful in every way. Not only should they pamper your skin, but they should smell lovely and look lovely as well. I try to keep that in mind when I'm working on a new recipe. As for inspiration, well, I love to cook and experiment with recipes, so I tend approach soap making in much the same way. I look for unusual scent mixes such as a heavy floral scent mixed with something sweet, or a spicy scent mixed with fruit. As of late, I've also been experimenting with colors. Mixing all green fruits or mixing fruits, flowers and berries together that are all's yielded some interesting and beautiful results! I also try to create soaps that have comfort scents, like vanilla or warm apple pie.
2. How did you get involved with etsy?
A friend of mine used to talk about etsy constantly and told me to check it out as it was a good place to buy yarns from as I am an avid knitter. I looked at the site and I was hooked! I opened up shop in Jan 08 but moved shortly thereafter and didn't actually start selling until April 08.

3. Do you sell your work in any bay area stores?
Currently I don't sell in any stores in the Bay Area. I have lived in the Bay Area for the last 15 years (I'm originally a SoCal girl) but shortly after I opened up my Etsy store, I moved up to Seattle with my husband. We are just now returning to the Bay Area so after I get settled in I plan on looking into local avenues that may be interested in carrying my products.

4. When you're not creating what are you doing?
The last few months have been spent just getting moved in to our new place. Most of that has been getting my garden ready for Spring. Lots of hours planting bulbs, seeds, putting in a lawn. Now that it's getting colder, I've been spending all my spare time huddled around the tiny heater in our living room, knitting and spinning yarn or huddled around the stove, baking bread.

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Disco Jess said...

Your soaps are beautiful!

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