Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Savvy Entrepreneur

Another late night, working hard. Shout out to Precita Eyes for the beautiful work space!

Last night, we were in our silk screening shop, finishing orders due and trying to make the most out of our time. We left around 1:30am, exhausted and grouchy (okay, I was grouchy). I wasn't grouchy because I didn't want to be working, or even because I rather be in my bed sleeping, I was grouchy due to the lack of sleep I've had in the last two weeks. We have moved, gained a new four legged member of the family, and kept everything in order, while beginning a new life venture with Mr. Chubbs, English Bulldog extraordinaire. This may sound like whining to some, but entreprenuers know the meaning of venting out. We need a time and place to let it go and have others understand, sympathize and help us push through those difficult times. Being an entrepreneur has it's ruff moments, and not everyone understands what goes into being one, especially those close to you. We know, our clients are what keeps us going, so we do what we need to make sure they are not only happy, but returning clients.

In the midst of all this change, and lack of sleep, new opportunities arise. One of the great things about being an entrepreneur is that we can create opportunities out of anything. Our new bulldog attracts a lot of attention, due to his absolute cuteness. People stop us everywhere we go, and the (amazing) folks at Petfood Express know him by name. Meeting the many random people on the street, are potential clients. We now have a connection with others we would have never talked to. Thus leading to our new venture, a clothing line for dogs. (samples coming soon!) While most people are sleeping (whether metaphorically or literally), is when the magic happens. Lack of sleep, an entrepreneur drive and a dynamic team, help Carlos and I live our dream.

I love waking up every morning (next to my soul mate, business partner and best friend), knowing that my day will be filled with hard work, art, love and Mr. Chubbs.

Till next week, push harder, smile more and love often.


Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Love it! Amen to "venting out." Here's hoping a good nap is in your future! Mr Chubbs is adorable and I'll look forward to seeing what stuff he inspires! said...

bless up yall many blessings in life, cant wait for Ashley and I too come thru again and have another session with yall. hopefully yall can come up for the Fundraiser next Wed. and represent @ the function. Its gonna be Supertight yall! its a must come, all kinds of folks comin thru too support and celebrate cesar chavez' bday all @ tha same time, One Love Carlos Helene and Lil Chubb Rock

Sagehealer - Art for Meditation and Healing said...

"Ruff moments"! Wow, this sure captures "dogspeak" (says my Black Lab)! Bless their sweet hearts for understanding always and those nudges to force me out the door when my fingers are glued to the keyboard.

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