Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sfetsy Treasury Tuesday: Ides of March and St. Patty's Day GREEN

Well, we are smack dab in the middle of Ideas of March (March 15th) and St. Patrick's Day (March 17th). In honor of those two "holidays"-- it's time to highlight some great GREEN items from our sfetsy artists!

Shamrock by The Rows Garden
Enjoy a wee bit o'the Irish luck with this Shamrock planted in your flower bed, porch planter or window box!

No, this soap isn't green-- but the minty fresh smell will refresh you on a nice spring day!

What a great spring green color-- perfect to brighten up your garden party! This plate will put a smile on everyone's face.

A perfect skirt for San Francisco's great spring weather... made of a comfy striped heater grey and green jersey this can be worn out on St. Patty's day to a pub, or perfect for a long walk through Golden Gate park!

Who doesn't want a bunch of Irish wishes this St. Patty's days. These green cards are perfect for those wishes!

Perfectly green, perfectly glowing - superb focal bead of kelly green seaglass to keep Irish eyes smiling! Great for a necklace or charm bracelet!

Here's a little green from a true Ireland native sfetsy artist, Nancy McNally! Along with her green crane, she also shares some great bit of Irish history in our beloved San Francisco:

SF used to be a town of almost all Irish people from the gold rush of 1849, up until the 1960's. The Irish fled Boston where they were persecuted for over a hundred years after fleeing the Great Potato Famine in Ireland 1740. The potato famine occurred because the Irish decided to grow all one kind of potato and the lack of diversity resulted in diseased crops.

Here's Lori's explanation of her Trinity Necklace, "Legend tells that St. Patrick used 3 leaf clovers to illustrate the trinity (the idea that God is one God with three distinct parts.)" I'm sure St. Patrick would of also have loved her necklace.

As Sheila states, "I specifically thought of St. Patrick's Day after this necklace was created! Aventurine for abundance and Serpentine for detoxifying your body!"

Here's a beautiful tear drop shaped necklace... hanging from what almost seems like a Celtic pattern of sterling Silver. How perfect for this green holiday!

Now here's something perfect to wear this St. Patrick's day... a piece of emerald green in this beautiful onyx.

Now who wouldn't want to set down their Cornbeef or fresh baked Irish Soda bread on this handsome trivet... I think it may even bring some good luck with the 4 leaf clover design!

As jacque of parasol project says, "I call it my 'in clover dress'... meaning two things, clovers came to mind when I was in the midst of creating it, and also 'in clover' means to be enjoying luxury or comfort..." Now that sounds like a dress I would love to wear!

Morea is part of stardust's spring collection and is named after a Hamadryad of the Mulberry Tree. Hamadryads are stationery spirits of trees, living and dying with that tree.


Leaf and Tendril said...

What talent we have! Great greens everyone - very nice collection.

LoriDelisle said...

Really nice pieces all!

Jen said...

what a fantastic palette of greens! Great selections, everybody!

Sagehealer - Art for Meditation and Healing said...

An amazing collection of greenery! What fun to look at!

AngieHandmade said...


Your description of my trivet is making me hungry!

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