Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Savvy Entrepreneur

El Malcone, Cuba. 12/00

Happy Thursday everyone! I had my blog all typed up for today and, sadly, the web browser I'm using decided to shut itself down. So, this week's blog is going to be short and sweet (I have some orders to take care of).

I missed everyone last week! We moved and just got our internet up yesterday. We're back in the groove, with a new addition to our family, Chubbs, the four legged wonder! He has come to bless our lives, and, for now, deprive us of some sleep. As I sit here and type this, he's being a good boy and chillin' on his very plushy bed (thank you, Costco!).

On Tuesday, I had Sage Healer (AKA Sandy) come to my school and bless the children with a smudging ceremony. She reached over 100 middle school youth! It was beautiful and perfect timing. Some of my kids come from pretty rough homes, are academically low-achieving and some with behavioral problems. This ceremony, whether they realized it or not, helped cleanse some of the energy that stops their growth. We took some great pictures (which I will post at a later time) and Sandy will be back in two weeks, so they can make their own smudge sticks. Thank you, Sandy!!

Till next week! Stay positive, breath love and enjoy the sun!

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Jen (the Mama in Mama's Magic Studio) said...

How wonderful -- I'll look forward to those pictures!

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