Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Savvy Entrepreneur

Come out and support Precita Eyes Urban Youth Arts Festival, next Tuesday, 6/29 at Wonderland SF at 2929 24th Street, SF, from 8pm-12am. Artists from the Bay Area will be selling their artwork, at affordable prices, to support this year's Urban Youth Arts Festival. Yours truely will have some photographs for sale, as well as many of the folks I have featured in this blog! Come hungry! See you there.

I just found 25 new people to follow on twitter. I love the search, I feel able to take a peek into other people's lives. Unlike facebook, because it's people I don't know and may have never found! I always start my search with one person that I like, whether it's their artwork, music, fashion, etc. From there, I go to the folks they follow, because I figure if I like what they do, I may like who they follow also. And, I get lead to many other folks, sometimes I look at who they're following, too. It's an endless list of connections! Twitter may be my new favorite online marketing tool! It's exciting when someone, a company, or museum you like follows you on twitter. Betsy Johnson follows me on twitter! I was so excited.

It has taken some time for me to get used to the online marketing. I'm pretty good with the computer, I can navigate successfully, but by no means am I a whiz. But I persisted, and I feel more comfortable using twitter, facebook, etsy, linkedin (and all those other networking sites) to get my message to the masses. It's the perfect platform for sales newbies (and OGs) to get their feet wet, see what people respond to. It's also a great tool to see what your target market is thinking, buying, liking and not liking. It is a lot of work, to navigate through, and then organize the information you found into something, a list, an excel spreadsheet, a collage...whatever way you process information.

Understanding key words that are related to your market, product, mission, etc., is an art. You have to think like your target market. You have to get into their online psyche. haha. Online marketing is about the powerful imagery you can bring, the smoothness of the words you choose and the consistency of posting. I am always working on my posting consistency. Some days I'm better at it, than others. Knowing what to post on my personal sites, compared to my business site, is a balance. I rule of thumb is, anything too political, religious or offensive stays off the clothing line's facebook fan page, twitter is a little bit different. I feel it's a mix of both personal and business. It's a way to folks to get a glimpse into me, the entrepreneur, hip-hop feminist, artist, teacher, lover, fighter, revolutionary...The facebook fan page, is more for the business aspect, positive quotes, and all things related to Divine Orchid. It keeps things fresh, and out there.

Till next week, always take chances doing things that you fear.

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