Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finding Inspiration- The Vintage Clothing & Style Festival

photo from Festival website by Michele Diane Smith

My husband, Kevin, is an artist and many of our friends are artists and crafts people. I am always amazed at where we draw inspiration from. Sometimes it’s a place, a piece of music, a memory, a color, even a simple texture can be enough to push the walls around a bit in our brains.

Kevin, in his recent work, has two distinct sources of inspiration. The first are his childhood memories of playing on the shores in Monterey while his parents scuba dived. He was enthralled by the variety of fantastical creatures that lived under the waves. The second are the natural shapes occurring in our world and outer space. Those memories and imagery combine in his work to create cavernous expanses with other-worldly textures that sometimes form into odd collections of shapes that seem to be almost alive.

I tend to draw inspiration from textures and colors. I love folk art and embroidery from other countries, ancient jewelry, and deco and nouveau shapes in both jewelry and architecture.

I find myself taking long mornings to explore the floors of Britex fabrics in San Francisco, the shelves of Lacis museum in Berkeley, the yards and garages and stores that house vintage goodies, and the joy that is Urban Ore.

This weekend, I am especially excited to go to the Vintage Clothing & Style Festival in Alameda.

There will be multiple floors of touring models- Vintage Clothing- Hair & Make-Up Demonstrations -Wearable Art, Textiles & Home furnishings -Live Entertainment & No Host Bar. Come get your vintage on and see the inspiring textiles and designs!

So where do you get your inspiration from??
Take a moment to share in the comment section some of your favorite places to gather inspiration!

Vintage Clothing & Style Festival
Saturday, August 14th 6-9:30 pm
Art Deco Society of California's "Get Ready for Gatsby Summer Afternoon"
Live Music & No Host Bar
$15 for ADSC members, $25 general admission

Sunday, August 15th, 11am-5pm
Live Entertainment & No Host Bar
$7 general admission, $2 off with postcard

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Jen from Mama's Magic Studio about joining SFEtsy!

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