Saturday, June 25, 2011

Inspired by Handmade - Pack it up, pack it in

This weekend I'm on a short trip to see family in Southern Idaho.
Although this trip is short...a summer trip to Idaho is something I've grown fond of. Born in Blackfoot, ID but raised in The Bay (and having a summer cabin in Montana)...road trips and airplane travel is part of my summer vacation each year....traveling is where I learned how to's where I learned how to cross-stitch, I drew in my journals and it's where I found the most pleasure listening to Operation IV and Rancid as loud as I could (without my Dad hearing my music).

Packing up my things I thought of our Etsy team and how many of our members have such great items that are perfect for a road trip or a couple of hours on a plane with nothing else to do but waste a bit of time.

So this week, I'm in inspired by things you can bring with you while you travel. Functional pieces...things that I could use each year on my voyage to Montana and Idaho. Some of these items are from team members and some are just from our local community. I think you'll be inspired to get on the road to new adventures with these great finds!

1. bring a something small that you can stuff into a small corner of your bag... this Cashmere Wool blend Handmade Cycling Cap by alloneword is a great travel companion! it will keep some of the sun out of your eyes while also keeping your head warm. The nights up in Montana can get really cool and I could also see myself using this on a morning hike around the lake.

2. a pillow is a must have! But not a huge pillow...come need to pack yourself a large pillow... if you're on a plane, having a pillow to rest your head on while you take a little snooze is a luxury... have one that is totally AWESOME like this Day of the Dead pillow from MiVidaCreations just makes you look like that totally awesome traveler that you are.

3. Keep a log! I like to make Sketch Diaries of my trips. It's a way of being in the moment for me and also a way to remember how many great memories I have without being tied down with a camera in hand. punkrawkpurl makes some great little moleskin journals that are perfect for taking with you on a vacation! She's at the Hecho Local Event this save on some shipping and visit her if you have time.

4. pack an extra bag! I now what you're extra bag? More stuff?! But seriously...putting a small tote into your suitcase will give you some flexibility on the road. What if you wanted to stop by that fruit stand you saw a mile back? All you'd have to do is have a tote like this one from jenspillydesigns and you're good to go! Not to mention, if you're anything like me...I always end up with too many things on the trip back to fit into my suitcase.

5. Pack the First Aid kit! maybe you dont' need one of these if you're flying...but how great would it be to have one of these handy when on a road trip? I love that this particular one by ReCultivation is vintage. Seriously, I'm one of those people who gets headaches from too much sun and also burns easily...having some aspirin, aloe and sunscreen by me on a road trip is a must! (can you tell I'm Irish? ha!)

6. A gift for the hostess. Packing a small gift for the hostess will make your vacation all that much sweeter! I like giving handmade soaps or scrubs to my hostesses. This one is just lovely to look at and doesn't break the bank! Plus, this soap by ettaandbillie is Rosemary Lemon... Mmmmmm... it'll make the clothes you pack it by smell that much sweeter!

7. Kill the boredom! I was pretty excited to see that Even Howard (nadene) had some great little DIY Kits on her Etsy. Yay! Her things are so beautiful and now I can work on killin' the time with something creative to keep my hands and mind busy.

8. Rock ON with ya bad self! Don't forget your iPod for some tunes along the way... when we drive out through Nevada, it's really VERY important to bring something to break up the trip and the radio stations are pretty much not happenin'. I love the iPod cases that EvelynX makes... she even has some that are made to order! Maybe you can get it personalized also so everyone knows how prepared you are for some rockin' out!! :)

What types of activities did your family do while you went on road trips as a kid? What traditions do you now have with your kids? I'm curious how many of us learned some of our go-to crafts while we sat behind our parents at the wheel.

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Jen from Mama's Magic Studio about joining SFEtsy!


Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

awesome collection, as always! especially love that tote from jenspilly and the journal by punkrawkpurl!

i have such fond memories of road trips with the family. i didn't combine the car time with much in the way of crafting, though our family visits always gave me a chance to hang out with my grandma (a talented quilter) and my aunt (who does beautiful crochet). we did a lot of reading in the car and car bingo. I still have such fond memories of the cards with the little movable red slots -- in fact, ya can find 'em on Etsy!

safe travels to you!

evenhoward said...

thanks so much for including my tide pool kit in your post! i'm visiting montana and was just at my aunt's in blackfoot :) a road trip first to LA and then north through the desert brought me there. isn't everything beautifully green? so glad you are getting to enjoy summer. this is truly the season to fly away from our lovely bay...

for those who would like to see more of our northern connections ~my uncle is an amazing photographer~

nerd JERK said...

This post was definitely inspired! What great recommendations of item from our local sellers! I know I've already got one or two favourites!

Great finds, great prices & awesome descriptions! :D

<3 - Steph

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