Sunday, September 4, 2011

Creative Beadz and other SF Etsy folks at the Exploratorium Color Fair!

Many thanks to SF Etsy member Robin Stelling of Creative Beadz for the following guest post about The Palette of Color Fair!

A dramatic backdrop for my booth
A dramatic backdrop for my booth

Last Sunday several SFetsy members and I participated in Color Fair, the Exploratorium’s small marketplace that was the culmination of their celebration of color: Color Fest: It was in a spectacular setting outside the Exploratorium next to the Palace of Fine Arts.

I had a great time. The Exploratorium staff and their volunteers were welcoming, organized and very helpful. It was a short show, from noon ‘til 4pm so I was grateful that set up was fairly easy even though the site was a distance from parking. Dollies were available and volunteers helped me with my tent.

Robin Stelling's bracelet cuffs
Robin Stelling's Bracelet Cuffs by Creative Beadz

Except for about one hour mid-afternoon, the weather was cold and gloomy—not exactly surprising, but I do think sales may have been even better if the sun had cooperated.

In spite of the weather, I had a successful day and was happy with my sales. I sold necklaces, cuffs, rings and some new kits I offered for the first time to make your own necklace or bracelet cuff.

Because this was the Exploratorium I also had an area set aside in my booth so customers could make their items on-site with my help but most kits sold as gifts and it turned out that I brought my hammer and scissors for nothing!

the flower cart and puppet vendors
Flower Cart and Puppet Vendors

Other vendors included some women who made colorful hand puppets, booths for dyeing cloth, spinners, jewelers, illustrators and an exhibit of amphibians. I know that some artists were disappointed that they had no or few sales; it’s always hard to say why—people seemed to be buying in all price categories and all the work seemed to be top quality. I think more foot traffic would have helped. The site was open to the public, not just to the people visiting the Exploratorium, and I made sales to tourists who were walking by, many from other countries including Japan and Mexico.

It was nice to see other SFetsy members including Karen, Sarah, Suhita, and Dorothy.

DorothyDesigns flower pins
Dorothy Designs flower pins

For more pics of the Color Fair, visit Robin's flickr set.

Post written by Robin Stelling of Creative Beadz

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Anonymous said...

I never knew about this, what a great event!

Heather G said...

Thanks for sharing Robin, looks like a nice event.

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