Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pencils Ready?

Now that school has started and everyone is getting settled's time to get some last minute goods that will make you look like the smartest mom, or the smartest student in the classroom. Buying handmade goods means you'll never have to wonder if it will last all year long... these Bay Area Etsy Sellers have some great goods. Give yourself a gold star for looking to Etsy for new clothes, school supplies and inspiring art.

1.) Keep Your sniffles to your self with an adorable Whale Tissue Holder

2.) Showcase your love of letters with this Steampunk Ring made with a Typewriter Key.

3.) Declare your wisdom with these inspirational bracelets stamped with meaningful words.

4.) Let everyone know how much you're in love with good grammar with this hilariously true t-shirt.

5.) Take the seat in the front of the class with this adorable chair.

6.) Give yourself a symbolic gold star for being so special with this star necklace.

7.) Let your inner writer shine with this adorable vintage typewriter print.

8.) Send off a greeting card to your friends you miss from summer camp that has academic appeal AND a little bit of humor.

9.) Keep your thoughts to yourself or pass notes to your best friend in this adorable notebook.

10.) Tote around your homemade lunch with your best friend the Narwhal.

11.) Write to your pen pal and tell them all about how great school is going but that your heart still belongs to them with this anatomical heart greeting card.

12.) Keep your room and your text books organized with small, but very useful leaning bookcase.

13.) Remind yourself that Biology can be fun and adorable...have a praying mantis print like this one in your room.

14.) Show up the first day of school with a dress that will knock their socks off.

15.) Score big with your friends when you bust out this vintage Yahtzee game!

16.) Show everyone how smart you are while Keeping your sammie cozy in this eco-friendly sandwich bag!

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Jen from Mama's Magic Studio about joining SFEtsy!


Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

what a great collection!!! I especially love that "sexy" t-shirt :-)

happy handmade back to school, everybody!

DeepFried said...

Love it!! Thanks for including my card too.. Just got back from vacation mode so I can't wait to dig in and discover these sellers!

Heather G said...

Love the chair upholstery project. I just found some designer chairs that need covering, so that was very inspiring to see! PS: how/where did you get that clickable gallery in this post?

Heather G said...

OK I got it. clicked on Craft Cult button.

Meghan O said...

Thanks for comments on our chair upholstery project, but EnRouteStudio doesn't stop there! We will build you a chair. Check out our new collection of originals. Best Meg

QuirkynBerkeley said...

Great collection! Thanks for posting!

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