Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meet Up Coming Up! First Annual SF Etsy Craft Swap & Networking Event!

We invite you -- SF Etsy members, blog readers, and creative members of the SF community -- to the First Annual SF Etsy Craft Swap and Networking Event at TechShop SF!

When? Sunday October 30th from 12 pm to 4 pm

Where? TechShop SF

How? RSVP here and then show up with crafty stuff, potluck items, and $5 donation at the door. Read on for more details!

SF Etsy Street Team with the support of TechShop, GoGoCraft and S.C.R.A.P. presents The First Annual Craft Swap & Networking Event For Sustainable Craft Making. Along with an afternoon of inspirational craft and networking, we are inviting everyone to bring their craft items that they no longer have a use for to share with other team members in a Craft Swap!

How does it work? The Craft Swap promotes the reuse and recycling of items and sustainable craft, as well as having FUN. All you need to do is bring a potluck item and craft materials that you no longer have a use for to donate to the event. After that, it’s a trading free-for-all! Do a little spring cleaning and refresh your crafting inspiration by taking out the old and bringing in the new! Don’t forget to bring an extra bag to take all your new free-cycled goodies home with you! Our friends from S.C.R.A.P. will also be on-site with a donation box for anything you want to send to a new home.

This is a SF Etsy event open to the community to support local craft activity that is also considerate of the environment, minimizing waste and maximizing fun. During the event TechShop will be providing tours of their facility, and will be doing demos on some of their equipment.

The SF Etsy Street Team has roots in Etsy’s beta grassroots marketing and was part of the original “street teams” concept for spreading the word about Etsy and handmade to folks on the street. Like the San Francisco Bay Area in which it is located, the SF Etsy Street Team is a vibrant and diverse community, full of creativity. We strive to support and promote local Etsy sellers by sharing expertise and advice, hosting local shows and events, and providing a valuable network of local talent and resources.

TechShop is a membership-based workshop that provides members access to equipment, and instruction. You can think of TechShop as a craft gym for artists and makers but with tools instead of weights. During the event TechShop will be providing tours of their facility, and will be doing demos on some of their equipment.

GoGoCraft will be leading us in making SF Etsy Banners for your Etsy shop and event booths. GoGoCraft is a mobile crafting workshop for crafters of all skill levels and interests.

S.C.R.A.P will be providing some craft materials from their organization - SF Etsy Team can depend on S.C.R.A.P as a place to find all manner of materials for all our creative projects. S.C.R.A.P

We are asking a donation of $5 at the front door which will be used to facilitate this event.

We also welcome volunteers to help and ask folks to bring something for the potluck. We have two sign up sheets. One for the potluck where members bring a potluck item for the event and the other where you can volunteer to help out. All assistance is very much appreciated.

Potluck Sign Up

Volunteer form

Note: Because of the access to tools and craft at this facility please do not wear open toed shoes during the event for safety reasons.

We encourage all members to use Social Media and their blogs to talk about the event and our friends TechShop, GoGoCraft, and S.C.R.A.P. Any blogs or mentions about the event will be featured on the SF Etsy Blog post event. Videos and photos of the event are also appreciated and encouraged and can be uploaded to the SF Etsy Flickr account. Sharing = Community.

For More Information:

Rochelle Foles

Lisa Spinella

GĂ©raldine Adams


TechShop San Francisco
is located at 926 Howard Street, just 1 block from the Moscone Center. It’s 3 blocks from Powell Street BART station. Private parking lot at the TechShop building with a ten dollar per day charge.

Don't forget to RSVP so we know to expect you! And feel free to leave a comment telling us how excited you are about coming to the meet up!

Many thanks to all the members of our Meet Up Committee for their hard work on this event, and thanks to Etsy for their support in the form of a team grant to help fund our first annual SF Etsy Craft Swap and Networking Event. Hope to see you there!

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Jen from Mama's Magic Studio about joining SFEtsy!

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Andrea said...

I'm so excited for this event, hope I can make it!

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