Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuestorial - BOO! Halloween Costume Ideas

Happy Tuesday to all my Witches and Goblins!

Halloween is less than a week away...and if you're like me, finding the time to get costumes ready is just one of those things that gets pushed to the back burner until just before it's time to go out and get some candy! Not only that...I'm a cheap crafty lady...I'd much rather spend my money on craft supplies (and bite-sized Snickers) than a pre-fab Halloween costume.

As I was brewing up my spooktacular costume idea...other ideas popped into my head and I thought...self, this would be a great Tuestorial.
I sketched out some ideas for you... just in case you're still on the "haunt" for something easy to build just before you head out the door.

Don't mind my sketches...ha ha... they are meant to give you a little smile AND get the basic idea across for each costume.


BE A BUNCH o' GRAPES! (for a kid or an adult)

Purple Balloons
Black or purple extra large shirt
purple leggings
purple beanie

What's Great about this?:
if you get an extra large T-Shirt... you'll have some more room to maneuver around during the evening.

How To:

All you have to do is staple (or hot glue) the balloons onto your shirt. That's it!

- Extra credit -
Be a bubble bath!
all you have to do here is wear all white, use white balloons and attach a yellow rubber ducky to either your "bubbles" or the top of your beanie!


Okay, so this would work as an adult costume (if you just wore all white), but can't you see how cute it would be if it were on a baby?! And technically, this costume is a piece of Nigiri Sushi (just in case you get that hard question). :)

White Onesie
Black felt
Orange Felt (the "salmon")

What's Great about this?:
Babies don't need to overheat in a large pumpkin for their first Halloween...and everyone will just love these creative idea!

How To:

hot glue the felt orange rectangle to the front of the onesie
Then, wrap the black band loosely around the onesie (measure the band on your baby first, so you know how big around you need it).

I think it goes without saying...you want to make this costume when the onesie is NOT on the baby... but I'm just sayin' that as a blanketed legal footnote.

- Extra credit -
Take a black baby headband and glue on a bright green piece of "wasabi" felt to the top of it. It will be the perfect accessory.



What's funny about these two ideas is that they are basically the same thing... just a different arrangement of colors! This means, you can look at what clothing you already have...and go from there!

Long sleeve t-shirt in either orange or light blue
Pants in either dark blue, brown or yellow
Construction paper in either white or red

What's Great about this?:
Like I mentioned before, these two ideas are basically the same thing. AND they are made from very basic materials...so, if you needed to get one of the items quickly, you can easily get them at Goodwill or your local store.

How To For the Candy Corn:

Look at a piece of candy corn - as you can see...the candy goes from yellow(or brown) at the bottom, then to orange for the middle, and then white at the top. That's basically it. All you have to do, is where those colors and make yourself a hat.
For fun, you could glue candy corn to the hat (maybe just at the rim)...then people will know exactly what you are. Super comfortable and SUPER easy!

How To For the Gnome:

Similar to the Candy Corn...all you need for this is to wear a light blue top, dark jeans or brown pants (brown would be like David The Gnome) and then make yourself a red cone hat out of paper. Then, use a belt or a piece of felt to wrap it around your waste for that extra-gnomey look.
For the beard, you can just paint white on your face like a beard or leave yourself as-is for that young-gnome look.

- Extra credit -
Think of other costumes that you can spin off of this same idea... such as, a crayon! Make a hat, just like for the above costumes and then wear a matching shirt and pants. Using felt, cut out the word "crayon" and hot glue it to your shirt.
One of my favorite colors is pink... but maybe you'd want to be green or even magenta!

We are all very creative people... but sometimes, we have to push ourselves to think a little outside of the box during Halloween with very little time to take away from our Etsy businesses. Hopefully these few ideas have given you some inspiration.


Scrap - a great resource for cheap craft supplies - all proceeds go to the Unified School District of SF

Our Craft Swap - THIS weekend!!! - This weekend, if you're feeling REALLY last minute...come to the Craft Swap and see if you can't swap someone for that last minute supply you couldn't find anywhere else!

Boneflowers! - a wonderful woman by the name of Jenna owns this great shop with amazing vintage finds and steampunk jewelry. She's also a great stylist and would be happy to help you find that perfect Halloween costume.

And for a final giggle:
This is one of my costumes I'll likely be wearing this year. My friend Astra Brinkmann (also the photographer) and I built this dress from an old prom dress I had laying around. Lots of hot glue to put that skirt together. Which comes to my final point... look around your house. Do you have a old prom dress you've been hanging out to? Maybe you can be a zombie bride... that's always a great go-to.

If you're an Etsy seller in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Jen from Mama's Magic Studio about joining SFEtsy!


Talia said...

Wow, lots of great and creative ideas! I want to be a bunch of grapes. :-)

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

LOVE these! Such great ideas (and fabulous illustrations, not that we're surprised coming from you!) Especially love that baby sushi costume. TOO cute!

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